How filling is Soylent?


Do most people find Soylent as filling as the guy who started this? I’ve only seen one post on the subject, and the person still felt hungry after a glass of soylent.



I mentioned this in another thread, but when I drink mine, I feel full but not particularly satisfied per se – that is, I know I don’t need to have anything more, but I still crave food. I’ve been using about 2/3 of the RDA for fats to try to drop some pounds, and I often crave greasy food specifically. There may be some correlation, or it may be that greasy food is just the most delicious.


I took interest in soylent for many of the same reasons Rob posted about: eating is a chore to me, food is expensive, takes a long time to prepare. I wasn’t eating enough to begin with so a 2052 calorie intake of soylent for me is plenty satiating, as long as I spread it out. I crave something to eat every 2-3 hours, and a half liter of my soylent does the trick. When I don’t pay attention, I can run out at 6 and be hungry at 9. When I pace myself, I just don’t get hungry all day. It makes it easier to spread it out by diluting the mix into 4 liters, but you get cravings more often that way. I started by making my batch only 2 liters of volume, it was very thick and satisfied my hunger quickly, but it was too thick for my liking, and it ran out quickly. I have found that a 3 liter mixture is just right for me. (in each case, same amount of mix, different amounts of water)


Actually acute reduction of hunger is more due to Cholecystokinin (CCK) than Leptin. CCK is released as a response to macronutrients in the small intestine.

How physically ‘full’ your stomach is has an impact as well. I found the best way to feel full, and crucially, prevent your stomach from shrinking is to drink 1L of soylent at a time. I down two glasses in the morning, and two in the evening after a workout. The average distended volume of the stomach is 1L so you will have trouble consuming more than that and should feel pretty full.

One glass (about .5L) makes me feel pretty satisfied, but not completely full, like a light lunch.

If you’re trying to lose weight and drop the fat and carbohydrate content you may crave these things. I’m not sure how much is psychological and how much is hormonal. Overall, I’d recommend taking it slowly.


It is important to remember, also, that we have been conditioned to panic the second our stomach is empty. This will pass. Having an empty stomach, when you are used to it, brings mental and physical sharpness.


You’re exactly right. I think it may be due to Ghrelin, the hunger hormone that plays a significant role in neurotrophy.


This is interesting. Does this mean you only dilute your Soylent to somewhat over 2 liters total volume, and you only “eat” twice a day? Seems slightly unusual so perhaps I misread.

I dilute my mixture to a gallon (or approximately 4 liters) and drink 300mL at a time, this leaves me feeling very full, however it lasts maybe 1.5 - 2 hours and then I require more, more often if I’m fidgeting quite a bit at work. I wouldn’t want to drink more than 300mL at a time as I’d feel stuffed.

I nap when I get home, and for some reason my soylent consumption slows down. My level of activity doesn’t change much.

Mine is also a low calorie mixture. I set it between 1,500 to 2,000 calories. I like it at 2,000 or so and then I simply don’t consume it all, maybe 80%.

Consuming soylent less often would be quite nice, however I’m concerned I would be more hungry overall and consume more calories. I believe eating a smaller amount of food more frequently means feeling satiated with less overall calorie consumption (even though it’s annoying). I really need to cite a reference for this though, I will try and research it later.


Keep the fats (as long as they’re the good fats). They are not connected to weight gain, and serve important hormone like functions. They are also one of the primary factors in feeling sated.

Fats are blamed for weight gain because of the high caloric content, but caloric content is largely irrelevant in that context. Far more important is the glycemic index of the foods, whether or not you’re in ketosis, and the toxic load in your body.

Omega 3, 6, and 9s are the essential oils (unprocessed olive oils, fish oils, flax oils). Trans-fats (highly processed mutant fats) are the ones to avoid. Other fats are useful but not essential (your body can create them.) Your body self regulates cholesterol so ingested amount is not very consequential.


It’s interesting to read how different people use different quantities of water in their soylent. 4L was a bit too much for me, although if I was more active it would be about right. I started with 2L of mix and drank about 400ml at a time. I tried various things and found that 3 L works out just right for me.


I need to try 3L and add more soluble fiber and see if that works out for me, 4L isn’t very convenient as it’s maximum capacity for my containers for the most part. I just seem to consume it way too quickly without the extra water. Hmm that may have been before I adjusted to the distinct difference between drinking for food and drinking for water though. I should try it again, I’m also still trying to get fiber dialed in. Hopefully Rob’s upcoming 3 month post will help.


From my personal experience, I need to chug about 1- 1.2 liters of volume over ~ 5-20 minutes to feel totally full.

Since my soylent mixture results in only about 500mL per “meal”, I drink down the 500mL of Soylent, then immediately drink ~ 500mL of water or a bit more if I’m still not fully satisfied. I basically just keep drinking water until I reach that point. I dislike adding the extra water to my Soylent because it kills the creaminess and just makes it too thin & watery tasting.

I suppose the exact volume figure will depend on the person, but this way provides the sensation I’ve OVER eaten a bit and completely satiates me for 4-6hrs. Just make sure you have some fats in it to delay the gastric emptying and buy you more time. I make sure I have ~18-23 grams of fat per “meal.”

Again, this is will depend on you, but if you don’t keep some fat in your soylent you are going to feel hungry.