How has Soylent affected your closest relationships?


My husband’s expecting his first Soylent shipment soon and in the meantime has been drinking Custom Body Fuel for a few months. Personally I don’t drink my meals, and it’s been interesting to see how we’ve had to make adjustments to accommodate his new lifestyle choice.

I’m just wondering if any of you are in the same boat as me, where one of you is embarking on meal replacements and the other isn’t? I’m actually working on a story and was hoping you guys might share your stories of how meal replacements have affected your marriage/partnership/friendships–good or bad. Feel free to PM me if you like.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!



I use Soylent for almost all of my meals. I may have a business lunch or something occasionally, and once a week my fiancee and I go out to eat. The rest of my meals are Soylent. My fiancee, however, only drinks Soylent occasionally. We will sit together while she eats and I drink, and if she really wants to go get something at a restaurant, I just take my Soylent with me. I haven’t been refused by an establishment yet.


Thanks so much for telling me about your experience. So it sounds like you and your fiancee worked things out from the start and it’s been a positive experience for the both of you. Great to hear!


My DIY soylent hasn’t really affected my relationships. When I go out with friends and family I eat what they are having. When at home I have my soylent and my dad has whatever he wants.


22yr old single male here still having to live with his parents. Woo economy in a small town.

Anyway when I started making my dyi last fall they were skeptical and reluctant to try it but let do my thing. Now that I’ve got some 1.3 and a pitcher that fits rather casually in the fridge they keep forgetting that I’m doing a month long soylent experiment and don’t want to change any variables with “regular” food. I think it’s funny because whenever they ask if i want some dinner i just give them a look that says “Think really hard”, in a sarcastic sort off way, and watch them go “oh ya, duh.”

At work I have a fellow soylenteer, so we talk about it every now and then and another one who i might be helping get some 1.4 without having to wait 6 months. So that’s pretty cool.


If you dont mind, can i ask what adjustments did you have to make to accomodate his new lifestyle choice? I am just curious.


I am using Joylent actually, because i live in europe. There haven’t been any problems, because I only replace all solitary meals with Joylent.

Apart from some raised eyebrows and some real health concerns from my pharmaceutically educated wife, there are no problems, because there are no conflicts.


My girl still forces me to enjoy one meal with her each day :slight_smile: no negative impact.


Thanks everyone for your input! I really appreciate it.

One of you asked me what I meant by having to make “adjustments” for my husband’s new lifestyle of drinking Custom Body Fuel (CBF). To make a long story short, my husband is a lifehacker of sorts, and when he took on CBF, it was one of many things he decided to do (which in his eyes) made his life more efficient. I think his CBF was more like icing on the cake for me; it was just yet another choice he made that seemed to take away our opportunity to socialize, relate, bond, etc.

We’re NYers, so our lifestyle had previously been filled with eating out, so I think his CBF decision was a huge change for me. We’ve worked it out, though. Like most of you said, there’s been compromise. He usually has dinner with me and we brunch, so it’s all good now. I just think initially, it was just one of many adjustments I’ve made to his lifehacking.

Perhaps my experience and your experiences differ somewhat because of this. Maybe your choice of drinking Soylent (and the like) was just a singular choice you made and that was the only change??


I’m on 50% Soylent, but I always eat a regular dinner because it’s a chance to do something with my wife and kids. None of them have any Soylent at all. That worked out well for us; if I lived alone, I’d probably be 80% or more Soylent.


I actually just made a topic about other people reactions. Pretty indifferent. I eat regular food with people. It becomes a pain when we have a spontaneous outing and I have already had some Soylent.

But I think that’s just our personalities. I am a planner and she is spontaneous. Chaos ensues! :smiley:


I’m a 32 year old married man, and my wife does not eat Soylent at all. I probably average 75% Soylent, but some days I’m all Soylent, and some days I only have about 20%.

Generally I have a meal with her about every other day, and when we go out with friends I usually eat with them.

It’s cut down on the amount we eat out, but we’d planned to do that anyway. The biggest impact to us was that we shop at Costco for food, so when I stopped eating so much food food we had to start making arrangements to split things from the shopping expedition with friends.

Otherwise, there really isn’t too much impact other than my lack of dirty dish production.


Interesting. I’m single but used to eat out a lot, usually with friends and usually in a predictable weekly pattern. On the most part I’ve maintained many of those social meals and only done Soylent/CBF on the meals I would have had alone. But I’ve probably had to reduce my social meals by 10-20% (to reach 50% Soylent/CBF) On occasion I’ve gone out to hang out with friends without ordering any food! One of my housemates is into the Soylent as well so we’re splitting a subscription.


My gal actually wrote an article on this exact subject a few months ago, after we were asked the question by a reporter.


Interesting feedback. I didn’t know there’d be such an indifference, but Algebrah, you’re right. Seems like people have found a way of making it work overall with no real issues. And vanclute, thanks for the article!

My husband literally just received his first batch of Soylent in the mail today. I took a sip of it and it tastes better than Custom Body Fuel. However, I’m still surprised many of you can consume Soylent (and the like) for most of your meals. I don’t think my tastebuds could adjust, to be honest. I really love food (enjoy the taste, the art of it, the camaraderie), and I need the variety that it brings. To each his own. :blush:


Exactly! Enjoy your yummy food and your happy husband.


My S.O. is jealous. She’ll get hungry and wander into the kitchen trying to think of something to make. I walk to the fridge and pour myself a cool one and I’m done, while she continues to ponder what to make.


And that right there is the primary advantage of Soylent. Even for yourself, I’m certain that not every single meal you ever consume, is filled with art & camaraderie. That’s where Soylent fits in so perfectly… those times you just want to eat fast and well and get on with living. :slight_smile:


If it helps look at it this way. Other ways of life-hacking like hitting the gym, walking, jogging could keep him physically away from you and for a longer time. So in a way this is better than that, no?

Also you both can socialise or bond by sitting at the same table while you eat regular food while he eats soylent.