How has Soylent ruined you?


I’ve gotten to the point where I’m so used to shaking whatever I pull out of the fridge… I just pulled out a can of ginger ale, and yeah, you can guess what happened next.

How has Soylent messed you up?


Ruined by Soylent
Always shake your Soylent hard
Never fizzy ale


Thinking in haiku
Has me distraught @AgentSpiff
Ruined by this place


For several weeks,
the best inside joke ever:
Soylent Haiku Force.


I love the haikus that are scattered around the forum :slight_smile:


I will never look at another Takeya pitcher the same again


My cooking skills have atrophied. I can’t even make a sandwich anymore.


I went out to McDonald’s yesterday with my girlfriend for dinner, since we’d both had a rough day. I used to be able to eat that stuff no problem, but yesterday I got some seriously uncomfortable stomach cramps afterwards. I suppose it’s for the best though, if my body is having a hard time tolerating fast food. :stuck_out_tongue:


Joylent is allowing me to never actually learn to cook :stuck_out_tongue: But who needs that skill?


Searching Discourse for gas fixes / researching and tweaking my DIY recipe . . . has most definitely taken over as my new time-suck procrastination destination .


It spilled in the car one day, so it’s fun telling people that the stain on the floor was once my lunch :smiley:


Soylent has ruined me because nothing ever satisfies like Soylent. I didn’t eat Soylent the last two days, and realized I forgot how to eat normal food as a meal, so I ended up eating my meals as snacks.


Soylent has ruined me because I’m a lazy person at heart, and now I only spend two minutes every day making the days meals.


It hasn’t ruined me at all.

My co-workers, however, may disagree, due to my gas. :smiling_imp:


I find myself getting totally obsessive about NOT WASTING ANY SOYLENT. Like, there can’t be ANY powder left in the bag, and there shouldn’t be ANY Soylent left clinging to the side of the pitcher; I must ingest every available particle. Not all at once or all in one batch – it’s just that I cannot, cannot be wasteful with this stuff. It must be a psychological scar left over from the days when the only way to get Soylent was off eBay at insane prices.

This behavior has carried over with my approach to all beverages now… by golly not one drop will be carelessly thrown out!

Weird, but probably good for my budget in the long-term.


I’m like that… with my rum :wink: