How I found out my wife liked 1.6 OR How taste and cost affected my family's eating choices

I was doing some taste testing with my wife, she spends a lot of time and money on breakfast. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad she spends the time getting her fruit/vegetable/protein shakes ready but they get expensive and consume a lot of time.

I had her try 1.5 at the start of the year and she flat out told me there was no way she could eat that gruel for breakfast! LoL!

Well, apparently she disliked 1.5 so much she assumed 2.0 was 1.5 in a bottle. She didn’t try another iteration of Soylent until Coffiest, which she liked a lot.

Her concern with Coffiest was she doesn’t always want a dose of caffeine in the mornings and the monotony of a single flavor.

That’s when I had the revelation she had not yet tried 2.0 or 1.6.

We started with 2.0, I shared half a bottle with her and she liked it - to her, like me, it tasted like leftover cereal milk. She grabbed a bottle of 2.0 for breakfast one morning she reported feeling full and satisfied for just as long as she does on her 20oz fruit/vege shakes.

She returned to eating her fruit/vege shakes the next day and I asked why. “The lack of flavor” she replied.

The next morning I grabbed a bottle of 2.0, poured into a glass, added 2-tbsp of pbfit, added ice because she likes her breakfast shakes over ice with a straw. Viola - she loves it - she also loves it with cocoa powder for a chocolate flavor.

On Friday I had her try 1.6, to my amazement she said it was like a thick 2.0 and she liked the thickness better than the less viscous 2.0.

On Saturday we added cocoa powder and instant coffee, she liked it, and to my surprise she said; “We can save a lot of money if we both ate 1.6 for breakfast, I’ll just add the flavors I like.”

The Soylent Bars came on Saturday, and we tried them as a lunch snack, and while we both really liked them, my wife was surprised that I even bought them considering how expensive they were. We are looking for a cost effective alternative.

I do plan on keeping a 12pack of 2.0 on hand for those rare times I don’t have the time to shake up a blender bottles worth of 1.6 or when my insulated thermos isn’t clean and I’m feeling too lazy to clean it before a day hike.

1.6 is the perfect product for my family at this time. It fills our breakfast needs, and my lunch needs. The complete nutrition, taste, and cost per calorie made it a staple part of our diet.

Thank you Rosa Labs, I hope to see a product in addition to 1.6 that can be added to our pantry!


Tell her welcome to the cult.


Viola, what a pretty name.