How I use Soylent


Goodness, it seems like you get a lot of shite, or, well, very frank discussion. I would say that is not justified given your promises and your product. I’m one of the kickstart people, only asked for a month and got such. I am subscribed for a week once a month. Let me tell you a bit how I use soylent.

My wife and I can’t always be home. We use soylent, to fill in the cracks, so to speak. We aren’t living on it, as some are, and I do respect that, but, it is a filler for us when we can’t cook food.

We both do a lot of hiking and camping. I’m not sure soylent is great for that, as it seems to roil at about 48 hours. when made. I could use the scoop to make a day portion.

We are using it so far as a supplement, not a replacement, though I have gone several days just with the soylent. I support the project, has been helpful.

Are you using this as a replacement? It works very well, I might say, as a supplement.


I’m using it more as a replacement than a dietary supplement, but you are right in that Soylent must be more convenient. The hassle of preparing a liquid version and lugging a thermos around wasn’t as simple as I envisioned it to be, and I would trade all of this for a Soylent bar or cookie.


You know i have been wondering if soylent can achieve the goals it wants to achieve…better…by going solid in the future. Any solid form… a bar or cookie or a loaf/cake.


Over on’s marketplace there’s a cookie, Uber Cookies (not really sweet, more like a small flat muffin) that I’ve tried, and I like more than the other DIYs I’ve tried. It works and it’s available.


baking Soylent brownies is pretty darn easy, and you could even omit the cocoa powder & extra sugar if you really wanted to. You can make them in the microwave and it’s only a couple minutes to mix the ingredients, and 6 minutes to bake. The tough part is waiting for them to cool. :smiley:


Hey, are the Kickstarter brownies ever happening?


Yep they sure are, I posted an update just a day or two ago in fact. I’ve been experimenting with small batches to make sure I’ve got everything perfect before I make “the real ones”. So far I’ve had texture issues, I think related to either putting them in the fridge too soon, or them cooking too long in the pan after being removed from the oven. Or maybe a combination. I’m going to try another couple batches this week and see if I can’t nail the process for sure, then it’ll be time to bake the ones I intend to mail out. :slight_smile:


Let me know vanclute when you get the recipe OK. I have played around with making energy bars, but I have a difficult time making ones that are stable and don’t spoil.