How important are vitamins and minerals while trying DIY?


I won’t receive any official Soylent for a while as I live in Europe, so I decided that I want to take the DIY route. I’m planning on buying ingredients for about 15 meals, and I want to use it for one or two meals per day while trying it out, so I won’t replace all my ‘normal’ food just yet. How important is it that I include all vitamins and minerals, in order to get a good impression of what DIY is like? I’d like a good impression of the taste, so I guess that adding salt would be pretty important, but how important would it be to include the proper amounts of, say, chloride, if I’m only replacing 15 meals anyways?


My advice is just to dive right in and go for it with vitamins and minerals. I had soylent Mon-Thurs this week and I felt great. Back on normal food today and already feel a bit more sluggish…


It kind of depends on how many normal meals you have planned per day. If you just plan on consuming Soylent for 5 days straight, then you need all of the micro’s.
If you plan on consuming Soylent just for breakfast, then you could probably skimp on some of the micros.
If you plan on consuming Soylent for 2/3 of the meals, I would suggest that you get your micro’s pretty close to the RDA.

Just try not to go over too far on the RDA if you plan on mixing in normal meals.


I would say: very important.

I attribute at least some of my positive experiences on DIY soylent so far to just getting the proper vitamins after years of neglect. Also i just read (wish i could remember where) that if it is a component of the DIY soylent, leaving it out can turn your mixture from tolerable to undrinkable.
If i find the post I will relay it back here.


I get that getting the proper amounts of vitamins makes you feel great and healthy, but I don’t really doubt that it will. It’s just that I want to make sure that the taste is alright and that it is filling.

I read something similar here. However, all I would be leaving out are some vitamin pills, and I can’t really imagine those would alter the taste drastically…


Haha, that was the exact post I was looking for. As you can see DIY soylent has done nothing for my cognition =/

If it’s just pills and you just want an idea for taste I say go for it.