How important is the oil?


question answered…


the oils are very important, if you ate no fat, you would probably get severe damage and malnutrition if not die in a short time period.
the fats contains essential fatty acids.

I would heavily advise you from excluding it.

and may i ask why you ams on such a low calorie amount?


Ah yes- I forgot about that. As far as calories, I’m really looking to eat between 1500-1700 (the current amount that I eat) so I guess the go to move would be to just divide the package/oil into thirds and do it that way.


I have no intention of taking the packages as gospel. I’m more likely to get a nice container and dump the packages in as I need them and then use a scoop to manage the spreadsheet inputs.

If you currently eat 1500-1700 then I can see why you would want to keep on doing so. Listen to your body.

But remember that you do need some fat in your diet hence the fish oil capsules. The reason they’re separate is apparently the difficulty of producing food that wouldn’t spoil that had fat embedded in the powder.



i would advice to test out the whole formula., with the calories. don’t only go by numbers but follow how you body say.

you may feel hungry in the beginning because of the lac of “food” being hungry even when you are stuffed.