How is soylant supposed to help with acid reflux?


Can anyone explain to me why that there is claims that soylant helps with acid reflux?


Could you link to the specific claims?

At a guess, I’d say maybe because Soylent isn’t particularly acidic, or because it’s easier to digest… I haven’t heard anything about Soylent and acid reflux though, nor am I a medical professional, so I can’t say I’m really certain.


There’s not going to be one answer to this question. For instance, I know that when I’m on the SAD (Standard American Diet) I have acid reflux 3-5 times/week. When I get on anything that cuts the carbs, even a little, the problem simply vanishes. I believe this is because of gut bacteria. Acid foods, spicy foods, fatty foods seem to make absolutely no difference for me in this regard, it’s straight up more carbs == more A/R.

I’ve also moved into a more paleo (the Perfect Health Diet) which has added some carbs back in (potatoes, carrots, yams, and white rice) and the problem hasn’t returned.

As always, YMMV.


Does soylent reduce acid reflux? I’m actually a little worried it might give me acid reflux, since oats, oatmeal, or anything containing a lot of oats nearly always give me acid reflux.


well with me i after a certain point and really acidic foods tend to um cause it, i was asking due to curiousity, and was looking for an alternative to lunches when I am away from home.


I’m curious about this as well and I’m suspecting from the above that acid reflux is a really individual phenomenon. Oatmeal actually settles a case of reflux for me.

My type of reflux seems to be triggered by greasy foods like pepperoni rolls (I love these!). Also, I can run into trouble if I eat too quickly. For me, I’m really hoping that Soylent will help resolve this but only extended experimentation will tell for sure.



From the front page (

For anyone who struggles with allergies, heartburn, acid reflux or digestion, has trouble controlling weight or cholesterol, or simply doesn’t have the means to eat well, soylent is for you.

I too am skeptical about this, because oats give me heartburn as well.


well another question I have is what makes soylent different from any other meal replacement drink? I mean when you think about it, it’s just another meal replacement.


It lacks the obscene amounts of sugar found in many other meal supplements (muscle milk, ensure, etc), and the obscene price tag/unbalanced nutrition of medical food (jevity, etc).

This has been discussed a lot before, and the general summary can be pretty well represented by


I’ve been researching alternatives and so far came up with nothing. As shadowhawk says, the alternatives tend to: (a) have too few calories to make up a meal and so you’d have to drink a case of the product, (b) if you do drink a case of the product you will overdose on at least one or two of the vitamins or minerals, © you will ingest a totally unholy amount of sugar (a major thing with me), and (d) it will be obscenely expensive. Another major irritation for me is that the prime focus of most of these solutions is weight loss and Soylent’s really isn’t. It’s not that I can’t afford to lose some weight, but I’d rather do it via ingesting the proper amount of nutrients. That is, once I lose the weight I want to carry on with the very same thing in the interest of continual energy without mess.

I researched nutritional smoothies, but most of those go into the realm of trying to make me love my kitchen and that ain’t gonna happen. And they’re mostly about weight loss for its own sake.



Soylent is very high in fat and fat is a major GERD trigger. I tried Soylent for a while and loved almost everything about it, but I suffer from GERD and it caused unbearable indigestion.