How is the liver with Soylent?


Hi everybody, I’m a Soylent enthusiastic and I talked to my dad about it (he’s a nurse) and he was very sceptical about the idea.
His firt concern was the liver, which according to himself have to filter all the things inside the soylent, it’s a lot of job, a lot more than when it’s just food. He saw a lot of people staying many years in a hospital and taking a lot of medication everyday, and the same people had a liver cancer few years later.

I didn’t see any topics on this on the forum about this.
I’m not a specialist in nutrition at all, but I believe in this project, and want to know if our body can support all of this over the long term.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Did you explain it correctly to him? Because we’re not adding any chemicals you wouldn’t find in a normal meal.


Maybe I didn’t find the correct words. But he told me for example that vitamins people take in addition of meal damage the liver. Maybe those vitamins have some additional chemicals ?


Funny, I just posted this:


Or maybe they are just overdosing? :wink:


I think your dad is thinking about cases of people taking excessive vitamins. If a person is getting all the vitamins he needs from food, vitamins are unnecessary, especially megadoses of vitamins, which are pretty common among supplements. But if the supplements are your sole source of vitamins, as with us, then you’re not going to be having excessive concentrations of those vitamins in your blood.


The liver has less to filter in Soylent than most normal foods.

Many medications tend to stress the liver a lot more than food.


BTW, most liver cancers are secondary cancer(metastases from other cancers), followed by hepatitis and cirrhosis.
Liver cancer has little to no dietary correlation(excluding alcohol).

I think it would make more sense to speculate on cancers with more correlation to dietary habits, like colorectal cancer. Soylent would have a stronger influence on those type of cancers, whether positive or negative.