How is this recipe? Any advice would be appreciated



Interesting choice to use cranberry juice! How does it taste?

Concerning nutrition, you seem to not have any chloride. I would also be wary about the high value for some of the minerals–calcium, iron, phosphorous, manganese. While you’re under the maximum (except manganese which is exactly at the maximum), the variability in vitamin content could easily push you over the maximum for a day or more, especially on the days you take two multis.


Olive oil have 2mg of sodium / 100g, not 2g.

I suggest reducing the baking powder to reduce potassium and iron. Then adding a mix of table salt and potassium chloride to get a more balanced levels of sodium / potassium / chloride.

Should replace some of the soy protein / oat flour with other alternatives, they have too much iron.

In can be a good idea looking for another multivitamin with a different nutrient profile and combine both, instead of just upping the dosage.

You can take the vitamin D supplement more sparingly, 2 pills / week are more than enough even if you dont get any sunlight. Vitamin D is liposoluble, so a few days between doses aren’t a problem.

Sulfur is lacking too.