How is your energy?


How are you finding your energy levels? higher or lower or the same? do any of you find it hard to work out whilst on soylent?



Maybe higher, but that impression is probably just because my energy is more stable now. No more afternoon crashes. Haven’t tried working out since on soylent, but feel good enough that I am going to.


I feel I have more energy. Not a lot more at any one time, just a little. The big deal as @kennufs said is that I have more stable energy. I used to have highs and lows and now I don’t have much of either. It’s great. I’ve been putting in long days at work and I used to get a little burned out in the morning and now it’s 2 or 3 in the afternoon (I start at 6am) before I notice anything.

I was feeling hungry for a bit, but that was because I was cutting the protein in my DIY. I bumped it back up and feel great again. I’m at 90grams now and will probably bump back up to 110 or 120. My recipe is under $5 a day so I shouldn’t scrimp.


I’ve only been on Soylent for two days but I am having huge afternoon crashes.

I never drank coffee prior to, and I was not on a carb-light diet before so neither of those are reasons for my shift in energy levels.

I am hoping it works itself out over the next couple of days. Will attempt to work out today and see how it goes.

The extent of the ‘afternoon crash’ for me can only be compared to how you would feel after eating a 16oz steak with potato sides.


As most of you probably already know, my energy has been A MA ZING. Mostly as others have said because of the stability, than the intensity level. Mood too is just all around great all the time.

Shannon reports the same. She’s been able to do WAY more work around the house, in the garden, etc. than normal and though she gets very tired from it, she’s not a wreck like she normally would have been, and her recovery is trivial. Next day she’s good as new, and that is a very very different experience. In the past if she pushed herself hard one day, she’d probably end up injured and exhausted and lose the entire next day. That hasn’t happened once since Soylent, and she’s been putting in way more continuous hours both outside and inside.

So yeah, it’s all about the stability more than anything!

@ILoveLamp - how are you consuming your Soylent? Are you drinking large portions at specific times? Or drinking gradually all day? For us, large portions ended up not going so well, and continual sipping all day has been great. Others have noticed the opposite. It seems like both recipe (if DIY) and individual body chemistry may both play a part, but if you’re doing on or the other, you might switch to see if your afternoon crash stops.


Thanks for the advice and tips, your input has been much appreciated! I saw that you had posted that, and so today I’m trying to sip it through the day, but still had an afternoon crash (from about 1PM to 2PM). Afterwards though, I felt reasonably well.

It’s early days, but all the advice on the forums helps. I did notice that the taste is becoming increasingly pleasant to me. Hoping for experiencing the energy you have had pretty soon!


Yep, early days for sure. Hard to believe it hasn’t even been a month yet!


I’ve been sluggish all day, I wonder if that has to do with the fact that to avoid as much gas I am sipping throughout the day rather than consume it in a few larger meals. We’ll see what happens over the next couple of days as this is just day 3 for me.


Yeah @soylentnoise had talked about keeping a journal of her experiences, maybe you should jot things like this down too if you aren’t already? It’s really interesting to see what people have in common and what they don’t when adding Soylent to their lives.