How long can Soylent be left out?


I made some Soylent the night before last and took it to work with me in the morning. (Added the oil n the morning, if that’s relevant.) I refrigerated it there until lunch, then took it out (in the starter kit pitcher) and kept it with me until I got home at around 6:00. I’ve read that Soylent is good for a couple of days refrigerated, but haven’t heard much on how long it lasts when it’s been out of the fridge. Anyone have any insights? (I don’t have a great sense of smell, so I’d rather go by numbers than a sniff test.)


I think I remember reading a post by @MattCauble saying he had drank it after about a day of non-refrigeration and it was fine but it probably shouldn’t go much longer than that.


You can keep it out longer if it’s in a good insulated container that keeps it cold. Check this topic. (Most people think it tastes better colder as well.)


I’m guessing that in the absence of checking for smell, you could take a small sip to check. If it tastes sour, spit it out and rinse your mouth out with water. That’s what I do with milk sometimes since I can’t tell by smell all the time.


I’ve taken it with me to church, where it was left in my car for 3 or so hours and it was fine. I have a half hour drive to and from work, and also have it out for that period of time as well, and still I have yet to experience my Soylent going bad. So short of being left out for the entire day (Which per the above post doesn’t seem to a problem), I’d say its probably fine.


Thanks, all. I’ve had a couple of cups of it, and it seems fine.