How long did it take before you started to notice positive effects?


I only just started with official soylent. So far I’ve probably done four ish meals with soylent while still eating some regular meals. I’ve been mixing them as half meals and having mixed results so far.

How long did it take you to start feeling positive benefits from switching to soylent? Was it a certain number of meals, or was it making soylent a certain % of your diet?


I can’t exactly say for official Soylent, but I was using a recipe posted by @kennufs for several months up until recently. I would say within the first week of using that DIY, I noticed a big difference in how much better I felt. I recently got my official Soylent shipment and have been using it for a couple of weeks now. I don’t necessarily feel any different after starting it, but I’m attributing that to having already gotten my main boost from the DIY lead-in.


For us it was same day. Started with Soylent for lunch that first day, and felt really good all afternoon with plenty of energy despite not taking any of my normal energy supplements (without which, I frequently needed a nap in the afternoon). Then the next day started out with Soylent in the morning, and we couldn’t believe how good we felt. Again without caffeine etc.

Just about every day since has been amazing. Depends a bit of course on how much conventional food we have in any given day, and of course on just general life factors (stressful day will always affect mood, tons of yard work will make you tired, etc.) We’re roughly 70% to 90% Soylent most of the time, and just drink it as we need it and have whatever else we feel like on those occasions that we feel like it. Soylent is the ultimate in convenience AND balanced nutrition. Couldn’t be happier.

Oh and it’s absolutely amazing as cookies or brownies. =)


I am so jealous of that.


I can only guess that it has a lot to do with whatever your diet was previously, and probably individual biochemistry as well. Most people have reported some pretty big positive changes, but not everyone. And a few have even reported opposing effects. The trouble is how to tell what’s physical and what’s psychological, and what is due to old diet vs. new, plus some people are 100% Soylent, some aren’t, etc. etc. So many variables…


Yup, this.

For me I noticed a change within a couple of days of going DIY. I didn’t notice any uptick when switching to Soylent, as I had been DIY for about six months already when I started.


I haven’t got real Soylent yet but have been on DIY for 4 months. I noticed feeling better very quickly but not in the ways I would have thought. I’m a morning person and get to work before everybody else. I was too awake and started walking in the mornings. That hadn’t happened before soylent. I also noticed I slept better and needed less sleep. The most cool thing was that I didn’t have ups and downs during the day. I usually got hungry and lethargic around 10am and at lunch around 11. My energy level would predictably go up and down all day. With soylent, it would noon or 1pm before when I noticed that most of the day had gone by without me slowing down.

A lot of that can be attributed to the placebo affect. My sleeping is still good be more back to normal now. My energy level is pretty stable all through the day which is great. I’m walking miles a day now where I would usually be sitting behind the keyboard 8 to 10 hours a day.

I think the effects appear to disappear for me because the way you feel becomes the new “norm”. The wife brought home Crispy Cream doughnuts and I had one. I felt less good for hours after that. I think the “less good” was what used to be “normal” for me. I’ve heard people say that kind of thing a lot in this forum but I don’t think they ever attributed it to their “norm” changing.

Of course there is the other side. No literally the other side. It took a number of days for my colon to clear out all the old food. I had horrible gas for about a month. The funny thing is that my nose has never really worked well and I couldn’t actually smell how bad it was. Luckily my wife was able to smell me from a distance and told me about it often. Now I don’t have much problem with gas. Almost nothing though the day but the evenings it comes back, but not too bad. At least I don’t think it is bad. :blush:


I gotta agree with “the new normal” concept. I’ve noticed that as well… I’m no longer so acutely aware of “feeling great” etc. and if I couldn’t remember how it had been before, I might not notice any change at all. Given enough time, I may eventually start to forget how I felt before Soylent and maybe wonder if Soylent is really “all that” or not. But all I think it would take would be a couple days back on 100% conventional food, to remember in a hurry how crappy I felt by comparison.

I doubt I’ll ever go 100% Soylent mostly because we like to go out to eat together from time to time, but I can’t fathom ever dropping below 60% to 70% unless I was traveling without any Soylent or something. Perish the thought!


It’s kind of like being sick for a week. When I’m about 70% recovered I think how great I feel. The next day I feel 100% and that feels like the 70% from yesterday. Then the next day the feeling great disappears and I just feel normal. So the 70% from a couple days ago feels like it’s better than my 100% a couple days later.


It took me about a week to feel get the positives. I was one of the people who actually experienced negatives when I first started. Thankfully people encouraged me through it and I found the light at the end of the tunnel.


I’ve been using a DIY 50-90% daily for about 4 weeks now. I didn’t notice it for a bit and my effects were not quite as extreme as some I’ve seen. I definitely have more consistent energy with a lot of mental alertness (actually makes it difficult to get to sleep sometimes, though I seem to need less sleep now). I’m still drinking coffee though. I also have less cravings, which is my favorite part. I’ve always had a problem with sweets and binging and I’ve noticed that I don’t feel the urge to eat a bunch of junk when I go out anymore. I’ll have pieces of candy at work, but it feels more like a want than a need now.


What sort of negatives were you seeing @livingparadox? I think I may be in the same boat as you. I have the gas others are talking about and feeling slightly bloated. I had a headache the first day but the big thing is I feel like I have no energy.


I think it just be easier to link to my post on the issues. I felt pretty crappy in days 1-4.


I started feeling noticeably more energetic within 1 day. More focused and productive, too. It’s been a week now and my complexion has also improved (no new pimples).


What I have found after 3-4 weeks of 60-70% is that the initial boost is no longer noticeable because it is my new normal.

For the first few days I was shockingly awake at 6am with no tiredness throughout the day, when previously I would wake up at 8 feeling awful. Now, I just feel rested whenever I wake up and still need no naps.

My mood was equally as positively impacted. While it has tapered off, I am being told that my default facial expression is now smiling or grinning and I am far harder to perturb than before.

Exercise used to wipe me out with soreness for multiple days, now I am usually recovered by the day after. The number of reps I can perform has also dramatically increased, as well as my overall comfortable repping weight.

There are more things I’ve noticed, but the quick version is, everything is operating better than ever and that’s just ‘normal’ now.

Funny what optimal nutrition can do!


I didnt really notice how good soylent made me feel, I noticed how bad regular food made me feel, specifically fast food. I feel almost heavier when I eat a burger and fries. And there’s that greasy acid stomach feel that goes along with it.


I’m on my fourth or fifth day of ~60-70% Soylent and don’t seem to be getting any benefits. My diet wasn’t the best before hand so I was hoping for more. Really the biggest change I’m hoping for is the alertness others have talked about and better sleep/waking up.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed these first few days is that I don’t get gassy unless I’m having standard food. If I start my day with Soylent and eat nothing else the gas mostly goes away (though they’re still pretty foul when it does happen)

What was your diet like before? For your 60-70% was it certain meals? So far I’ve been around 70% soylent but that 30% has usually been dinner or a similarly “late” meal. I wonder if I would see more benefit ending my day with a Soylent meal.


So, my diet had turned pretty terrible in the weeks before Soylent. I am now mostly doing breakfast and lunch, with a non-soylent dinner.

I think the most important thing to stress is that the changes are subtle, difficult to notice without quantifiable things or outside observation. It’s not so much ‘wow, I have superpowers’ but more ‘wow, that was easier.’


I feel like at least so far I’m not even getthing the “that was easier”. I don’t feel worse (aside from the initial gas) but I don’t feel the same great feelings others have mentioned and raved about.


I still haven’t gone 100% Soylent, but I’m doing it for at least 1 meal a day, sometimes up to 3, but usually 2 meals.
I’ve noticed after a week that my portion control of conventional food is much better. I am eating less, and am still filling full. I feel pretty good most of the time too.