How long do you keep Soylent in the fridge?


You are supposed to drink Soylent in under 3 days. Does anyone have an issue with knowing how long their Soylent has been in the fridge? Do you typically use taste, color or smell as the metric instead of time?


Taste and smell will give it away. I find I can get about 80 hours in the fridge before it smells and tastes “off” and I throw it out. Our fridge is exceptionally cold, 35 F.

Smell alone should tell you once you have made a few batches.

EDIT: I write the date I mixed the batch on the pitcher with a dry-erase marker so I don’t forget as well.


I usually finish it a day, so I don’t run into this.

My fiance’s occasionally exists for too long and goes bad, which she judges based on the taste. At this point, she’s mostly just using 2 days as a cut-off date which prevents most problems.


At the end of the third day, mine started to smell not quite…soured, but wrong. Different. The taste had been tolerable, but I was just so paranoid I threw it out. Colour is hard to use, since I add cocoa powder.


Mine can last up to (and perhaps past) 3 days. I mix W/O the oil, let it sit overnight, then add the oil the next morning. I try to consume within 3 days of adding the oil blend.


I generally keep it for 2 days, but have kept it for up to 5 days.

I have not had a noticeable issue with taste or smell until the fifth day, when it smelled off. I still had it and had no issues.


Temperatures in the fridge can vary greatly. The food in the door usually has a temp higher than that on the shelves in the fridge. That could impact the longevity of the Soylent.


I’m paranoid about it, so I toss it if not used in 3 days regardless of how it smells (and I won’t taste it). Luckily, I’ve not had to do this but once. It takes me about a day and a half per pitcher, as I’m consuming 1500 cal. a day only. Two days if I add a conventional meal.


I drink about 3/4 of a pitcher each day, so it’s never in the fridge more than about 1 day.


I’ve found Soylent can smell a bit “ripe” when it still tastes fine. But I have been letting it soak for up to 24 hours before even adding the oil, so it can be a day into it’s “edible period” before I even start it. I’ll keep playing with it.


I had a pitcher that was solidly into the fourth day. It smelled a little odd and there was a subtle taste change. I had two meals off that pitcher at that point and I felt a little weird hours afterward. The next day I had fire poo. May or may not be related. I can’t say I am anxious to try again.

Definitely at day 6 it is bad. I forgot about a pitcher at work and on day 6 it was RIPE, coughing-fit ripe. Our fridge at work is pretty crap though. I doubt it is ever below 40 and I bet during the day it’s upper 40’s lower 50’s.


Fire Poo?? You need Poo-Pouri!