How Long Does it Take For A Subscription to Start?


Hey Guys, I was wondering how long it took to get your subscription after a reorder? I ordered a 2 week supply (non-subscription) in August and received it on Feb 21. After a couple of days I bought a 28 day subscription on 2/25 and I have not heard anything about shipping.

I am running low on my initial order and I am wondering when the subscription starts if it will sent smoothly as I do not want to have gaps in my Soylent usage.

What are your guys experience with your subscription and getting it started?

Thank you for your time and opinion!


Normally subscriptions should start pretty quick if you’re already received a first order. Within 2 weeks I believe. Sounds like you’ll either receive some info very soon, or something may have slipped through the cracks. I suggest emailing them to check.


1-2 weeks would be normal. I’d email and ask for assistance.


I emailed them on the 11th and was told “There is a chance that it is set to be processed tomorrow, but I have added the order to our manual list just in case. You can expect a shipping notification with a tracking number within the next week.”

So we will have to wait and see. My next purchase date is the 25th. I just don’t want to have down time with the availability when I am on a subscription


When I subscribed after getting my first week of Soylent 1.3 (exactly 6 months after ordering), it took 7 days to get the subscription order.


Email us at and lets see whats happened :slight_smile:


Email sent, thanks @Conor


It depends also on where you live. Once they ship it, it could take 5-7 days, or it could take one day. I live in Connecticut and my last shipment was sent out of PA. I took one day to get to my door. If they ship it from CA it takes about 5 days.


I live in SoCal and shipped from SoCal it took 1 day.


Got my shipping confirmation a few hours ago. Glad that this got resolved!