How long does it take to get a reply from Customer Service?


It’s been just over a month. I checked my junk folder and made sure the address wasn’t blocked (wanted to cover my bases). I contacted and also sent a request from the website.
I’ve been waiting over a year for my order. This is out of control.


I remember you posting before. This hasn’t been happening to other people as it has to you. I think something must have happened to your messages in one direction or the other. Tlese days it is taking people a few days to get a reply.



Perhaps you should read the pinned topics at the top of this forum. Customer service is no longer being offered via this forum. The customer service email is


Please email we should have a 10 hour turn around on replies save the weekends. Apologies for your poor experience. Reach out to us and we can rectify this ASAP.

Thank You.


Do the pinned topics need to be updated to reflect new CS emails?


@horsfield I’ve read it. I also read it takes a while for customer service to respond so I was asking how long exactly to see if this kind of delay is normal.
@Conor thanks. I emailed both of those addresses. Hopefully this time I’ll hear from them. I’ll continue checking my junk folder just in case.
This never happens to me. I’m usually the dream customer but this is just getting ridiculous.


We never want this to happen to anyone. I’m very sorry for your poor experience. Thank you for bearing with us.


And saying you sent an email to the wrong address. Which could explain the lack of response. In any case you have now sent an email to what appears to be the correct address. Hopefully you will get this resolved in a timely manner.


Given that I see two “correct” addresses quoted in this topic: and , I’m not surprised that there is some confusion among people who have longstanding customer service issues. Not everyone is keeping up to date with the latest “proper” way of contact customer services which has changed several times over the past year.