How long does Official Soylent last after being mixed?

I have kept it in a closed airtight pitcher in the fridge when not in use. I have heard between 2 and 3 days, but I am not sure. (Oil Included) Tomorrow will be going on day 3. (Too many social meals slowing my consumption)

I apologize if this has been answered but I was having trouble finding a recent thread. Thanks for your help.

As far as feedback goes, I would agree with whats already been posted here. My quick tips include:
-Slower consumption decreases mustard gas
-Fill pitcher with some water, fill with Soylent powder, shake, fill with oils and water to the top, shake for 30 seconds. Before bed check it and you will notice water/soylent level has dropped. Top it off and give it another shake and by morning it will be great consistency
-Taste isn’t too gritty if you let it fully absorb, somewhat sweet. Good stuff!

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From what I have heard, and my own experiences with DIY, it lasts a while until you mix the oil in. Then it lasts less long.

It says consume within 2 days on the instructions.

Not sure how I missed that, thanks.

so - what happens to it if it takes you longer than 2 days to consume it?

I am finding that sometimes it takes me 3-4 days to consume a full mixed container

does it lose its potency completely after 2 days? - does it gradually get weaker, so that it is still useful but not quite as good for you? - or what?

how much am I losing by waiting 3-4 days to consume it?

Soylent has everything a microbe could want and no preservatives. Because of this as time goes on you up your risk of food poisoning. If it smells ok and tastes ok then it’s probably ok to drink.

You might not want to mix a whole pouch at once.

Or, possibly, freeze half of it after you mix it.

thanks for the replies!

so - is the danger in using it over 3-4 days, rather than 2, entirely due to fear of food poisoning rather than loss of its potency?

because mine has seemed fresh and unspoiled after 3-4 days - no sign of it going bad

(I know I could make smaller portions but I am still experimenting as to how best to fit it into my life and how much I will be routinely consuming)

Vitamins and other ingredients are degrading too, so I would say 2 days at most, better to mix up less.

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Ever notice a hiss when opening the container? Or look closely at the surface of the Soylent before shaking and see tiny bubbles coming up? Both are clear signs that something is living in your Soylent.

I’ve had 5 day old Soylent on a few occasions and I’m still alive (I think?).

I see those come up immediately after a fresh mix of Soylent. is prepared.

Yea. That’s air coming from the powder. What I’m talking about is a couple days later.