How long does Soylent keep for?


Obviously most of the powders and whatnot will keep indefinitely, but after all the ingredients are mixed (particularly interested in the oats and whey to hopefully reduce some of the phytic acid), how long would it stay good for? Also on the topic of phytic acid, what if you just have extra of the things it can bind to? This is the formula I’ve got so far, do you think it would be okay?



I live in greece, the average temperature is about 26 degrees, or more. I split my 24hour soylent in two. After 12 hours it has gone bad and the taste becomes terrible. So I store the 2nd container in the fridge and carry the other with me. This has happened to me twice. Note that my soylent is perfectly sweet and good tasting when I make it, so I know its wrong if it doesnt taste so.

Also keep in mind, I add 20g honey, ~5g omega3 softgels, 0.4g vanilla, and 20g coconut oil on top of everything else.


Keep it in a soup thermos when you’re on the go.


I guess I was asking more along the lines of, could you keep it (with oats) overnight to try and reduce the phytic acid in the oats.


You could soak the oats beforehand. that’s how it’s normally done.


I’ve read several things saying that soaking the oats doesn’t do all that much unless you soak them with rye or buckwheat or something as well because oats don’t have a lot of the enzyme that breaks down phytic acid though.
But all in all…do you really think phytic acid is that big of a deal? I mean, in my formula, I’m only using fifty grams of oat powder a day. People use oats in their shakes all the time and as far as I know, nobody’s died of a nutrient deficiency from doing so.


that’s what I also think. Even if its an issue, we all are going to start showing deficiency symptoms sooner or later…?

What I do is soaking the oats 2 hours before making the soylent, but I keep the water, all that matters to me is softening them up, otherwise my intestines have trouble with it. I just put the oats (170g) in the blender, add like 800ml water and let it wait.

It works fine for me!

I dont want to get rid of the water because I’m not sure if along with phytic acid I could be losing nutrients along with it.


When that happens, they’ll change the official soylent’s formula, and will call back any Soylent that people have stocked that are of the old formula.
That day thousands of Americans will rush to the post boxes to deposit envelops containing a strange white powder.



actually I’ve friends in the post office here, they have notified me that the authorities are getting suspicious about all these white powders I receive so often…along with precision scales and measuring spoons…I think I fit their profile perfectly :stuck_out_tongue:



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