How long does the Soylent powdered form last for?


In months, years …

I was just wondering if this would be good enough for preppers


I haven’t seen a solid answer yet from them, but they have said consistently that they are sticking with a one year self life, even though they expect it to be good for a little longer.


Oat flour has a shelf life of 1 year. So unless they add preservatives on top of that… The other ingredients can last longer than that.


On (at?) they say: ‘…shelf life up to a year…’


Would there be any way to extend the life of the product? (Such as vacuum sealing, freezing, etc.?)

Like for people preparing for zombie apocalypses or astronauts traveling to Mars or whatever…


If you are a prepper, you can easily have a year’s supply. Constantly consume Soylent from the oldest batches and top up with fresh ones.

If you have means to go to Mars, you probably also have means to make your own soylent suiting your needs.


I was comparing the cost of MRE and Soylent and Soylent wins hands down. But need to take into considering MRE could has a higher shelf life and taste better. MRE probably easier/safer from contamination to store.


And yeah I would be very interested if anyone has done any experiments to vacumn sealing/ freezing solent. Maybe I’ll give it a go when I get my hands on the product.


Interested to know your results. I would like to know the upper extent of what is possible for storage.