How long have you been Soylenting?

I saw this post on how long people have been on Soylent in my deep sea diving of unread posts. It made me curious… How long has everyone been on it now?

If possible, include whether you’re on official, or which DIY recipe you’re using, how much of your meals you use Soylent for?

I’m on official, [just hit 11 weeks today][2], ~100% of meals are Soylent.

DIY soylent has been my default supper for about 60 weeks now. I started out on an oat-based recipe, but this January I switched over to a tweaked version of QuidNYC’s Superfood for Him. The move was to get away from oats in the hope that it was the main contributor to gas, but the flavor improvement was a pleasant bonus. The masa still seems to give me some gas though, so I reserve it for my evening meal.

I had a pretty healthy diet from the start, but the real reason I’ve stuck with soylent is efficiency. I imagine soylent has saved me many, many hours that otherwise would have gone into food prep. Other than my cooking skills getting rusty, it’s wonderful!

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About 4 weeks now on DIY, 95% of the time. My latest iteration is here.

Slight dehydration headaches in the beginning but no other side effects. I transitioned from a smoothie type recipe to a more “traditional” powder-based recipe, which might have eased my transition. My recipe is very low fat and high fiber, as I am an older guy in cardiac rehab. I am interested in how my recipe will affect my blood panel and medication levels.

I got interested in this movement after I had a heart attack and triple bypass. Obviously my previous diet wasn’t doin me much good! I like the control DIY gives me over my diet and find this community to be a lot of fun. At the moment I prefer my DIY to muggle food, but I’m kind of linear.


6 months on DIY. A variant of People Chow. Loved it from the first taste. I still each chips and some other “foods”, but I get all my nutrition from soylent. Hopefully I will get my 1 week order of Soylent soon and probably switch to that unless it turns out to be horrible. :smile:


Since May I’ve been roughly 66% on crude food 1.0 except for a 17 day 100% trial. Last two weeks I’ve been about 50% on Soylent.

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I hadn’t heard of crude food, yet. How do you like it?

Into my 8th month of DIY “People Chow”

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I have been off and on DIY for over a year. I tried a lot of recipes and variations but never could find one I like.

I have been using the “real” Soylent for two months now, 50/50. I will do Soylent during the week then splurge on the weekend. I am trying to stop that. I also had two times where I was on medication recently that necessitated solid food in my stomach so that was about three weeks of 0% right there.

Food is my weakness. While I have been Soylenting for more than one year, I have not been consistent. :frowning:

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One thing you might want to look into is tracking your cravings and try to find out the nutrients your body is trying to get. For me, addressing the individual nutrients tends to eliminate most of my cravings.

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Is “cheeseburger” a nutrient? How about “pizza?”

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haha, no. But riboflavin, thiamin, niacin, folate, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, manganese, and saturated fats are.

All of the above are present in significant amounts in both cheeseburgers and pizza. If you take a look at more of your cravings, you might so a clearer pattern towards what your body wants. I recently realized I wanted manganese, based on a combination of desire for onions and tea. Will be testing that theory soon. I’ve confirmed previous theories in determining a need for vitamin a, vitamin c, and fatty acids.


I love it. For me the taste is better than Soylent and I think the overall ingredient list is healthier. I don’t like some of the choices the Soylent team had to make. That said, Soylent is growing on me as I work through my month supply and I like getting the finished product shipped to me no assembly required. Ok, minor assembly.

At this point I think I’m going back to ‘crude food’ after the month, but maybe I’ll keep some Soylent around for variety.

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0 days thus far, but I’ve been waiting for over a year. LOL

It will come, and it will be worth it. Supposedly they’re working through 2 week orders right now.