How long have you been using Soylent for?


I’m new to Soylent and I’ve spent a bit of time reading articles and reviews by people who have tried the product. Mostly, the trial period for those trying out the product for the purpose of reviews has been either one week, two weeks, or a month. I’m really curious to see feedback from those who have been using the product for longer, and what its effect on lifestyle and health has been.

So, what’s the longest you’ve been on Soylent, and how has it affected you?


Almost 10 months, though primarily DIYs, with some of the factory stuff along the way.

I love it. I feel better, and believe I am healthier because of the changes I’ve made this year. I’ve lost ~60 lbs since starting soylent in January, and have saved thousands of dollars that would have gone to food on my vintage diet.


I’ve been on Soylent for a day short of 21 weeks. My experience has been mixed, but overall fantastic.

The nutshell version of my experience is that my mental performance is both more consistent, and consistently better than before Soylent. After a few tweaks, my energy levels have also improved greatly. Possibly as a result of the previous benefits, my mood has also been generally better (it was never bad in the first place, but I’m not going to say no to even better moods!).


While I haven’t tried official Soylent I have been on a DIY soylent for a couple months now. I’ve noticed my blood pressure and pulse rate has dropped and my muscles have started growing again ( I’m lifting weights). I’m also instantly awake in the morning and don’t seem to need quite as much sleep as before. My hair isn’t as dry either. I am also not as grumpy and don’t snap at people when they displease me :smiley:.


How much did your BP drop and did you happen to lose any weight?


My blood pressure was somewhere above 130/90. Not high enough to worry about but above the “norm” of 120/80. Last time I went to the doctor and had it checked my blood pressure was 110/64 and my heart rate was 60.

As far as my weight goes it’s been more or less stable for 3 years now. I’ve lost and gained several pounds of water weight as I’ve been tweaking my recipe. Losing or gaining 8 pounds in a week or so has to be just water. Right? :smile:


8 months on DIY and lately tried Soylent 1.0 and 1.1. Love the whole idea mostly because I don’t really like food. DIY has been great. Soylent 1.0 was not livable because of death farts. Soylent 1.1 is better but it doesn’t look like I can make it work without moving to a new home where I can death fart to my hearts content.

The effects I like are: better health (I think), better nutrition (I know), I exercise more. I’ve also noticed, like others, that I’m a nicer person to be around (besides the death farts). :smile:


I’ve been living almost exclusively on my own mix (plus a couple boiled eggs most days) since around April 2013.

I ate a pretty healthful diet before that. The main effects for me have been convenience, simplicity and consistency. I still catch the occasional cold bug or get tired sometimes, but now that I’m getting complete nutrition every day my ups and down are less noticeable.


This is interesting, getting better nutrition helps people’s mood?


It sure seems to. I’ve read other posts that say as much and I’ve noticed it myself. I don’t get nearly as irritated or snap at people.