How long it REALLY takes for Soylent to reply my email?


Hi guys, I’m curious how long it really takes to get any email reply?

I sent an email on June 1st about an urgent order issue, however, I still got nothing reply until now, even though I have wrote 4 more additional emails to express my concern.

I know they said they will come back to me within 5 business day if it is a order concern, but it has been 3 weeks since my very first communication.

I am REALLY UPSET about this matter. I think despite the product of the Soylent, the team really to learn how to take care of their customers. At least reply their email within a reasonable time.

How about your guys? Is this happen to any of you? Is there any other method of communication besides the and info@soylent. com

I will start a count since today to see how long it takes until the Soylent get back to me.


I sent an email last week and Julio replied in hours. Maybe he didnt like you? LOL


[quote=“GGGGG, post:1, topic:14381”]Is there any other method of communication besides the and info@soylent. com

Yes, there is. Tagging @JulioMiles and @MattCauble should help.


Technically, it has been 2 weeks and 1 day since June 1st. Without knowing the contents of your email, they may be looking into the issue contained in your email, or they may still be suffering a backlog of emails and haven’t gotten around to yours yet. Their entire support staff used to be @JulioMiles, though I have seen posts that they have since increased the support staff size, repeatedly, due to an ever increasing amount of support related emails.

If your emails have gone missing, now that they know, they can look into it.


Really? T_T
I don’t know, maybe they just don’t like me. T_T


Thank you, hope this would work.


I don’t know, I used a Gmail account and wrote them couple of mails, I thought they probably could get one of them.


Responded, resolved. Sorry about the delay, @GGGGG.


Well, as I read all your postings, I got the reply from Soylent that I have expected for 2 weeks and 1 day (@Matt88) ლ(╹◡╹ლ).
Thanks to all you guys who reply here. I can’t get the reply so quickly without your help.
Have a nice day.


Don’t worry @GGGGG , they like you just fine. At this point they are really busy, and probably afloat in empty soda cans and coffee paraphernalia.

They just know some of us lowly forum users and tend to know we only tag them when an answer requires their input.


Can we get click 2 chat! :smile:

Or even a forum chat?


For a refund for an international order, it took 15 days for them to respond.


I posted mine on the forums and Julio refunded it in like 20 seconds :smile:


Just sent a request by email to increase my order and some questions about what I’m seeing in my portal. Hopefully somebody will be able to help :slight_smile: @JulioMiles @MattCauble