How Long MAX TIME can you leave this if refrigerated? [Expiration?]


The instructions say after preparing the mixture in the air-tight pitcher, to consume it within 2 days. I’ve consumed it within 3-4 days and it seems just fine. Also the pitcher is air-tight so I’m sure that makes it last longer. I don’t mind a bit of nutrient degradation.
I just want to know how long is the maximum time I can have it in my fridge?
Based on your own experiences or suggestions.

I have a hectic work/sleep schedule and been really busy, so it’s hard for me to really determine how much of it I’m going to consume, at least for now, until I get used to it.


A nutrient-rich liquid mixture without preservatives that has not been heat/pressure-sterilized, such as prepared Soylent, does not keep very long even with refrigeration. Four days is probably pushing it in regards to bacterial growth and food safety. My understanding is that the “no more than two days following preparation” recommendation is the maximum time-frame.

(Adding a generous volume of distilled alcohol would extend that time-frame considerably…though I don’t recommend that for this application.)


I recently left mine in the fridge at work from Thursday over the weekend. Monday morning I didn’t notice any odd smell and took a swig. It took about a half second for the sour taste to register and cause me to repeatedly spit into the trash can, all to the amusement of my coworkers. I had to rinse with some Listerine to get that taste out of my mouth.

Then I accidentally repeated this same experiment a week or two later. 4 days after mixing is definitely too long to consume. I’m going play it safe from now on and go 2 days max.

Why should I consume my Soylent within two days?

3 days has been my max with no evidence of spoilage


Definitely discard after 3 days.


I wonder if there is some process that could sterilize soylent so it can last longer than couple days. Would heating it to boil before store in refrigeration work for example? Would boiling it change composition so it would not cover all needs?


Depends on how hot you heat it.

It would denature the proteins but theyd have the same amino acids (same difference nutritionally)

Some of the long chain carbs would become sugars though.

Minerals should be fine. Vitamins not so much. Thiamine for instance decomposes when heated in alkali solutions


Using sterile water might improve time it stays good? But i heard matt mention in another thread that oxidation is a huge part of it tol, specially with the oil… So if you can store it without any oxygen, and the water used was sterile… And you keep it at very very low temp constantly… You may get some longer time it stays good… Someone should test it


I’d go with the official “discard after three days” statement.
I didn’t follow this instruction. Once.