How many calories of Soylent do you consume? I need close to 4000 calories a day, that's almost a case of soylent 2.0

I like the convenience of 2.0, but it does make me feel instantly nauseous when drinking it, a little dizzy, 1.5 seemed to be more satiating …

After one bottle of 2.0 I’m definitely done, I might still feel hungry but there is no way I can drink more of it. To fill my caloric need I’d almost need to drink a case of 2.0 a day, I just can’t picture how I would accomplish that … what about you? How much calories do you drink in 1.5, 2.0 and eat in food?

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That doesn’t sound super-convenient if I’m honest.

How come?


Since Soylent contains nearly 100% of all your nutrients in 2,000 calories, doubling that will take you over your upper limit for a few which might be causing the nausea. @nutrisludge did a good job of explaining this around the forum. Personally I struggle to find “empty” calories that are still healthy. Nuts are calorie dense but often have high levels of minerals in them. Grains won’t make you feel stuffed but they have high vitamin content (being fortified and all).

Personally I’ve spent the last week looking at different mass gainers (I need around 3k myself) but a lot of them have vitamins and minerals that I neither want nor need. I’ll let you know if I find a good candidate.

I just have a bottomless bottle of Soylent 2.0 that I nonstop firehose into my mouth throughout the waking day.


A (vegan) friend claims to use low fructose corn syrup to up his calories since he is concerned that all the excercise he is doing is cannibalising nutrients from his bones, not sure if any of that makes sense, personally I’m a little skeptical about (the quality of) corn (specifically grown in the US)

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The convenient part is having the bottles in the car, backpack, wherever and at the feeling of hunger just opening one and chugging it. Feeling weird in the stomach afterwards sucks, but is independent of the convenience.

I don’t drink 2000 kcal of 2.0, so the nausea isn’t from the nutrients, it’s specific to 2.0, 1.5 is fine. Also it make me feel more satiated than 2.0/

I’m tall and do exercise, using random caloric need calculators from around the web I get a caloric need suggesting approaching 4Mcal.


Starches have calories and little else. Added bonus: potato starch is rich in RS2 resistant starch which is quite similar to both viscous and nonviscous fiber. Isomaltulose and isomaltooligosaccharide are two more effective choices.

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So increasing carbs would necessitate increasing fiber alongside them?

I don’t believe so. The Institute of Medicine states that their Dietary Reference Intake for fiber for males 14-50 years old is 38g/day for an Adequate Intake. Chronic adverse effects of fiber overconsumption have not been observed.

Isomaltooligosaccharide, in my opinion, is an even better form of fiber than potato starch. It has a lower glycemic index (34) and is one of the “gentlest” forms of fiber.

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So, wait… I can have french fries for free empty calories?

By starches, I meant actual starches, such as corn starch, unmodified potato starch, or tapioca starch, for example. I didn’t mean starches to be synonymous tol carbohydrates.

Isomaltose and isomaltooligosaccharide are both low glycemic index (32 and 34, respectively) carbohydrates which have no micronutrients. Either would be an excellent high caloric/no micronutrient supplement to Soylent.

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So what kinds of foods would that be, though?

Please see #11

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Would it be smart to add items that are rich in Omega fats while adding calories, since Soylent is notoriously low in those and they are important?

As a fiber source maybe, but it won’t help OP much on the calorie front. I believe isomaltooligosaccharide is actually low-caloric, not high-caloric, and as I understand it, you can only eat 72 calories worth a day (30 grams) before running into gastric issues.


You are correct. Actually, I believe that IMO 30g of IMO is only 48kcal,

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This source claims IMO has 2.4 calories per gram (hence my 72 calories). May not be very authoritative though (site is a bit childish looking).


I don’t know how healthy it is, but some bodybuilders use pure maltodextrin.

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can I just eat sweets? Why is it important for the empty calories to be low glycemic?


Are you Diabetic? If so, no… if not, would you like to be?