How many Calories/Scoop 1.7?

Hi everyone!
I started Soylent 10 days ago. I bought the first 12 bottles and now I thought I should switch to powder (1.7) because it’s cheaper but bottles are extremely convenient to me and I don’t wanna compromise there. What I was thinking is keep a few empty bottles of soylent and just fill them up with powder and water and mix them up.
I just got the powder but I don’t wanna mix the entire bag. I just wanna mix 400-calories portions whenever I need. I don’t wanna deal with the mixer at all.
I would like to know how much powder equals 400 calories.

84.8g worth


The scoop isn’t going to be very accurate. I suggest using a scale and spoon the powder into your container.

Hmmm… good idea!
I re-use the 2.0 bottles with 1.7 but it’s usually to fill with hydrated 1.7 from the pitcher (in order to mix a new batch to sit in the fridge for enough time.) Just adding the powder and mixing on the spot would be convenient for on the go… Getting the powder in the narrow bottle opening sounds challenging though.

I wouldn’t worry too much about exact measurements… just eyeball it… Personally I probably have a 5-8% variance on the water:1.7 ratio even when I mix in the pitcher. When I make Schmilk it’s probably more like 15% variance milk:schmilk. It all evens out over time and makes the process that much easier.


Really all you need to do is take a bag, divide it into five about-equal portions, then put each portion into a separate bottle and fill with water. Some bottles might have a little more than others, but over the 5 meals it will all average out and you’ll get what you want.


Thanks for all the ideas guys! I ended up doing the whole bag and just separated the mix into 5 bottles.
Next time I’ll just do what wms said but without mixing it cause I want it fresh. I’m not 100% on soylent, I just substitute 1 or 2 out of the 3 meals I have every day.
Again thanks!!!