How many cups in a bag?


How many cups of powdered Soylent are in each bag?

I am gaining weight on the stuff and want to knock my daily intake down to 1500 calories by saving off 1/4th of the powder before I mix it, then every 3 days I’ll end up with a 1500 calorie bag for the following day.


You therefore need about 5.25 scoops of soylent (fluffy) and 7.9 tsp of oil with a decent amount of water (that varies too much for my taste as some like it thicker etc.)
That should amount to about 1500 cal, if I’m not mistaken.


Couldn’t you just measure out a bag?

Honestly, I have no idea how many cups of powder there are in a bag. I try to think of my consumption in terms of fluid ounces.

I find that I generally just fill the entire Takeya pitcher with the powder and water. This comes out to I believe 56 fluid ounces.

If you do this and drink 75% of it, you’d be drinking 42 oz. per day and you’d have your “free” day every third day like you described.

I have a friend that only adds one liter of water to his Soylent bag. This comes out to just shy of 34 fluid ounces. I don’t think I’d like this method because I enjoy being able to drink more fluid per day. It sort of tricks my brain into thinking I’m eating more (at least that’s my theory) even though really mine is less calorically dense than my friend’s mix.

Hope that helps.


OK, I just measured out a bag. I don’t want to only drink a portion of it once it’s in liquid form because I want to make it fresh every night and I only want to keep one pitcher in the fridge. And honestly I have a tendency to consume all of whatever is in front of me.

The scoop that came with the starter kit says “1/2 meal” on the top, and “one scoop Soylent / one scoop water” on the bottom.

So of course I thought there would be 6 scoops worth in the bag, 1/2 x 6 = 3 meals. There were 8!

So I guess even though the bag says 3 servings per pouch, a “serving” does not equal a “meal”. Yes, this is too nitpicky to be helpful.

Regardless, I’m going to consider 6 scoops (close enough to 5.25 I suppose) to be 3/4’s of a 2000 calorie bag.

I’ll eyeball 3/4 a pitcher of water, and wing it with the oil.



Regarding leftovers in liquid form. If I have any, I’ll pour them into a Nalgene bottle or mason jar to store separately in the fridge overnight. That way, like you, I’m making a fresh pitcher each night and I’m also sure to polish off the “old” stuff before tapping into the new.


I recall reading an update from the Soylent team that said that they determined that that 2 scoops of water to 1 scoop Soylent was a preferable consistency. Sorry I can’t remember exactly where or I’d quote it.


I also remember Julio saying that yes there are more like 3.5 meals per bag, but you should consume 3.5 meals per day.

I would not get hung up on the number of scoops or meals per day, just measure out X fluid ounces per day and go off of that.


It says this ratio of powder to water on the actual scoop itself.

However, when my Soylent shipped they had a link to “updated preparation instructions” which, if I remember correctly, said 1 scoop of powder to 1.5 scoops of water.

Regardless, it really doesn’t matter. It comes down to personal preference as the only thing changing is the consistency of the final liquid.


It’s 1:2. 1 fluffy scoop to 2 scoops of water.


Yep, you’re right… just checked:


I’ve was just thinking over the weekend about mixing Soylent at an even higher ratio. Maybe something like 1:3. Not sure what it would be like, but you could drink more at a time (fluid oz. wise) without overloading you body with too many calories at once. (Some people have reported that they needed to drink smaller amounts more often to prevent becoming bloated.) Plus you would be getting more water so there would be less of a dehydration factor and less need to be drinking water on the side while drinking your Soylent.

I think I’ll try this out by taking some already mixed (at 1:2 ratio) and adding enough water to make it like a 1:3 or 1:2.5 just to see how it tastes and what it’s like.


i would be interested to hear how that works out. Keep us updated.



For the past couple of days I’ve been doing 2 scoops into a blender bottle filled up to the 20oz line.

So it’s 500 calories per bottle, which I drink in 6 servings throughout the day, for a total of 1500 calories.

Since a package has 8 scoops, that stretches a week’s supply into 9 days (+ 2 scoops).

The blender bottle method is way more convenient than using the pitcher.

The mix is a tiny bit thinner than I prefer, but it’s not a deal-breaker.