How many days for shipping to Seattle?

My sister is staying in a hotel in Seattle, and I’d like to have my Soylent shipped to her. Any idea who many days is typical from order to arrival? (Im in Canada so can’t have it shipped to me here)

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When I’ve ordered from it’s usually been 2 to 3 days.

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It might make more sense for her to look for Soylent retail. I’m sure that there are stores in the Seattle area that carry it.

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To my knowledge Most retail locations only carry the rtd varieties, rather than the larger case format powders.

I’m in Canada and my daughter survives on Soylent. We have her shipments sent to a “Personal Mail Box” in Niagara Falls that charges about $5 per item delivered, no other fees. We drive down and bring it across the border ourselves. She orders about every 6 months, so it makes a nice trip down for lunch at Olive Garden …


PhilP’s solution seems like the best for Canadians who can travel regularly to the US.