How many scoops in a Soylent 1.5 bag?


On the scoop, it’s written that 1 scoop = 250cal, so I figured a bag of Soylent has 8 scoops.

However, when preparing my meals, I could only get about 7 scoops out of one bag. So, my calorie calculations are probably off now.

Is there some trick to measuring Soylent with the scoop? Or is it just completely unreliable?


As someone commented, compression makes the scoop only approximate. I personally prefer my Soylent to vary, but if you want more consistency, maybe you should adjust the scooped powder so there are eight equal mounds per each bag. This is not critical; some people prefer more or less water anyway.


In addition to settling, there’s also variations in volume depending on whether you spoon or scoop. A cup of flour will weigh a different amount depending on whether you scoop and level or spoon flour into it. When spooned, you get fluffier higher volume flour. There’s no reason to think Soylent would be different. So it ultimately will depend on how you personally fill the scoop and how much you are packing it the way you use it. If you’re consistent, you could probably depend upon the scoop once you determine how many scoops you get out of a bag. it’s simpler however to purchase a cheap digital scale and measure by weight instead.


When I was making single servings I used my postal scale (tared to zero after I put the bottle on it).


Thanks for the responses.

Got myself a food scale and started using it.

23g -> 100 Calories


I love my (cheap Chinese) food scale. I think I bought it for, like, baking? Or something? But I use it every day, for so many things.


Besides weighing stuff?


Nope, just for weighing many things.


Not too proud to say I’ve “double checked” the 1.5 bags when received. Normally I wouldn’t have done it, but I noticed that some of the bags felt light in my hands. I found a variation of ± 30g. I think the scoop is more accurate for “fluffed” powder.