How much caffeine in Cacao?

If there is cocoa powder in Soylent Cacao, then there is a non insignificant amount of caffeine possibly as high as 30mg or 50mg. How much is actually in there?

Judging by the order of ingredients, even if we assume that all the fat is in the two oils (21 g) and even further assuming that almost all of the fat is in the first oil listed, that puts an upper bound on the amount of cocoa powder at just under 21 g per bottle (then we can somewhat reasonably reduce that to 20 g because the soluble corn fiber probably accounts for the 1 g of soluble fiber, and the other oil is listed before it). 20 g of alkalized cocoa powder has about 15.6 mg of caffeine.

The lower bound for cocoa powder is about 1 g (since it is listed before the soluble corn fiber); that would be less than 1 mg of caffeine per bottle.

So 1-15.6 mg of caffeine per bottle. Averaging the upper and lower bound (for fun), gives us 8.3 mg of caffeine per bottle. If no one has a better guess I’ll go with that for now. Although having tasted cacao I think it actually is on the lower side of that range; I think most of the “cacao” flavor is coming from the added flavorings, which taste very different from actual cocoa powder (IMO).


So the estimates I’m getting are 0.7mg at the lowest to 45mg at the highest. My guess is 12mg.

I was having a hard time finding caffeine content in alkalized cocoa powder. It depends on the type of cocoa bean and how it was processed. The lowest I found was 0.07% which corresponds to the 20g per 15.6mg figure. However some were saying as high as 0.5% I’m going to guess 0.2%

The amount of cocoa powder is between 1g (soluble corn fiber) and 9g (isomaltulose). I’m going to go with 6g based on the DIY soylent flavorings. 6g is 6000mg * 0.02/100 = 12mg.

Lower bound 1g cocoa powder at 0.07% is 0.7mg. And upper bound 9g at 0.5% is 45mg.

The USDA shows 78 mg of caffeine per 100 g of alkalized cocoa powder.

I forgot that isomaltulose is a sugar, which does bring the likely range down to 1-9 g of cocoa powder. So 1-7 mg of caffeine per bottle.


So 1-7 mg of caffeine per bottle.

Looking at the USDA, the alkalized is what makes the difference. Has significantly lower caffeine. That would bring my original guess to 5mg