How Much Choline


I am planning to include soy lecithin in my recipe as a source of choline. I cannot figure out for sure how much lecithin I need to meet the choline rda. I have read that lecithin is 13% choline. If I have my math correct, I would only need 5 grams lecithin to get 650 mg of choline. However, the USDA database lists 15 grams soybean lecithin as have 450 mg choline. I tend to trust the USDA more than myself but am not sure. The diy.soylent ingredient database is incorrect on lecithin because whoever made the entry used the nutritiondata information on a different lecithin product. The supplier ( says one tablespoon has 50% of the choline rda. I have not yet purchased it though so i cannot use this measure as reference. I would really appreciate it if someone could help by either pointing out my mistake or shedding light on the proper amount.

1.4 - How much choline?

The number I’ve been using is 37.8mg of choline per 1g of lecithin. I don’t remember the source I used, though.


Choline is generally only essential when there’s a lack of folate, which itself can be caused by a lack of b12, methionine is also involved. (One carbon cycle). A little unrelated but might as well post.

1.4 - How much choline?