How much does it cost Rosa Labs to ship Soylent?


After seeing the ‘update’ gif, I realized something. A month or more of Soylent is a month of food eg, it is a gigantanormous box. Even a week box would be decent sized.

I recalled that shipping is free on the old orders and it seems to be the same for the new site, which means the shipping is included in the cost. How much of Soylent’s cost is actually shipping then? Does anyone know? @JulioMiles?

Also, as a note, if shipping is free, it makes the month packages an even better deal, since shipping cost increases with size and weight.


Incidentally the boxes actually aren’t all that huge. They are a bit heavy, but not all that huge. And actually they have a very large amount of wasted space… they’re mostly filled with air. They could easily be shipping 7 pouches and 7 oil bottles in a smaller box. I do kinda wonder why they chose the size they did go with.

The first thing I did after opening our Soylent up was to to consolidate 3 weeks’ worth into a single box. It fit perfectly with a little room to spare (though no oil bottles).


The shipping company doesn’t care. They don’t care how the space is used, only what size it is. So if there is wasted space, it still goes into the shipping calculation and cost. I was more wondering whether the shipping costs were involved with the inverse of a price decrease as opposed to wondering what size the boxes were.


Yeah I realize all that, I was just addressing your statement of the box being “gigantanormous”, and adding some color since I’m one of few people active in these forums who has actually received the boxes.


Ah, yes, I guess I haven’t seen a week box yet, and certainly not IRL. I do wonder if they will use different boxes between the vegan and oily batches. Maybe that was part of the wasted space, space they have planned for the oil bundles.

Another thought- I wonder how shipping the starter kits separately affected the shipping costs as well. I though that those things would have been put in the same box as the Soylent, but they turned them into teasers.

I haven’t even seen the shipping box for the starter kit yet… :’(


The shipping dimensions of a week’s supply of Soylent are 21x7x10" and the weight is 7 lbs. [As per Julio in another thread].

Shipping deals with FedEx and UPS give larger discounts for larger volumes of packages shipped so a company shipping 10,000 packages a month can negotiate a better rate than a company shipping 1,000 packages a month.
The discount rates are a better percentage for faster shipment types than for slower shipment types. This means a company getting say 10% off of standard ground shipments may be getting 25% off of Second Day Air shipments [numbers are hypothetical].
The discount rates can vary from there with fuel charges and parcel size as well.

Now to ship a single box with the 21x7x10" dimensions and 7lb weight from the midwest [my location] to say San Francisco, the published rate is $11.49.
Shipping 4 of these [1 month shipment] together as 1 shipment under a master tracking number, the published rate is $45.96.
If these are bundled into one bigger box for a 1 month shipment into a 21x14x20" configuration at 28lbs, the published rate is $36.80.

*As for what kind of discount they might get, they could easily have over a 50% discount as even smaller companies with much lower output can negotiate 20% to 30% off of standard shipments and 50% or more off of higher priority shipments.
A lot of that matters what the records with the shipping companies show as quatnity and type of shipments are sent.

So if they don’t have a good rate yet, they should be renegotiating asap.
I actually would assume the account in use for shipping is their copacker’s since they are likely doing the final packing. Their fees would then be billed to Rosa Labs and may well be at cost with no markup on shipping fees.

*I work closely with our shipping department


Additionally wasted space isn’t a very big pricing impact when using Ground based shipments like these. Weight is the bigger factor.
If these were rush shipments that may be shipped by air, then the box size begins to be a major factor.


Not really something we can disclose :slight_smile:

It was based on dimensions of pouches and oil bottles and designed with recommendations from the box manufacturer. Future iterations will likely have different dimensions.

Nope, same box.


Nice. Think I’ll be saving my first empty box and pouch then, as a collector’s item, from “the first consumer soylent”.


Yep I did the same! I saved my starter kit box, the cleanest of my 4 boxes of Soylent, and actually all of our pouches to date, just so that I can see what “1 month’s worth” of package-waste from Soylent looks like.