How much iron in Soylent 2.0 (in mg)?

I see that Soylent has 20% of the recommended daily nutritional requirement for iron, but is that for males or females? I assume males because this product has been developed by a man, who may blithely think women can just take iron supplements. :slight_smile: I drink about four bottles a day, since my calorie goal for my height/weight/age is 1700, so 2000 is too much.

Assuming male iron target (8mg, I believe), 20% is 1.6mg per bottle. Women need 18mg per day, so if all this is correct, I am getting only one third my required iron (6.4mg). This would match my experiences, as I’ve started showing symptoms of a lack of iron.

Does anyone know solid numbers on this? I could only find the 20% number. Iron supplements are very hard on a person’s stomach - I personally can’t take them without feeling quite sick. So if these numbers are correct, is there any chance of a release of Soylent 2.0 with more iron? Any information would be appreciated.

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All nutrition labels use the RDA standard.


Thank you so much! That means my deficit is much less than I thought. (This link gives 18mg as the daily recommended amount).

For anyone else who also drinks four bottles a day and needs to make up that extra iron - two tablespoons of Quik Syrup are 20% of your daily iron (I assume they use this RDA standard also), as well as equaling 100 calories, so I think that’s a pretty ideal way to make up the missing iron/calories. So half a tablespoon per bottle of chocolately goodness. I love Quik with it anyway, so that really works out perfectly.

Thanks for your prompt reply, horsfield. :slight_smile: I love how helpful most people in the Soylent community are.

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As I ruminated on this, two more possible problems occurred to me.

  1. Iron does not absorb as well if in the presence of calcium. However it absorbs better with vitamin C. So I’m not sure how this balances out in regard to how well iron in Soylent would be absorbed by the body.

  2. We get iron from two types of iron: heme iron (found in meats, absorbed easily) and non-heme iron (found in plants, absorbed less easily). Considering Soylent 2.0 is vegan, I assume the iron in it is non-heme iron. Does anyone know one way or the other on this? If it is indeed non-heme iron, then that may also contribute to getting less iron from Soylent than the 3.6mg/20% per bottle.

Since vitamin C helps one absorb the iron better, perhaps the solution to this problem would be as simple as having a couple strawberries with each bottle, or mixing in orange juice or something.

Why are you so concerned about iron?

Because I’m showing symptoms of iron deficiency. And I assume if I am, I’m probably not the only one.


Meat contains both heme and non-heme iron. Since the RDA is determined by diet data, and heme iron only makes up 10-15% of western iron diets, it’s not a big difference.

If you’re feeling worried you can get a blood test, then you’ll know for sure whether it’s iron deficiency or something else.

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I would suggest going to your doctor and having your iron levels checked instead of self diagnosing.

How long have you been on Soylent?

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Yes, go get a blood check for iron, anemia, etc etc. Most humans are terrible at self-diagnosis and often live in a spiral of unnecessary concerns supposedly alleviated by a host of worthless supplementation.

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I appreciate the concern regarding self-diagnosis, however once you have learned the signs and symptoms of something that you can get again and again, you tend to recognize them. I can’t imagine going to the doctor’s office every time I had a migraine (which have much more serious symptoms, IMO). Similarly I’ve had problems with iron on and off my whole life.

Considering I had (about three weeks or so prior, in answer to you horsfield) just changed my diet, the first thing that makes sense to do is evaluate that change to see if it could be the problem. That’s all I’m doing. Obviously if it could not be the problem, or symptoms get weird or serious, I would go to a doctor. I don’t know if any of you are female, but most women I know are aware of what symptoms they show when they are low on iron.

I think it’s quite reasonable to want to figure out how much iron is actually getting absorbed from Soylent. While the dosage exceeds the amount a typical male needs, it only meets the amount a typical female needs. Therefore if the ingredients in Soylent were causing the iron to only be about 50% as effective (for example), that would be a big problem for any women taking it.

Why am I so concerned about iron? Because Soylent is supposed to work as a complete meal replacement. If it’s getting me substantially less iron than I need, obviously that is a problem. As it would be for any vitamin/mineral/whathaveyou. I would be equally concerned about any other lacking essential element, but for now, this thread is specifically examining iron content. I think that’s fair.

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Thanks Sententia - that’s great to know. I was under the impression heme iron was vastly more prevalent in meat than non-heme iron, and I get the majority of my iron from meat. Thanks for the clarification!

I’m not too concerned, just looking into things. :smile:

Hi Theomanic. I had a similar problem with Soylent 2.0. I always get extremely weak when I avoid meat, to the point I can’t get out of bed. It’s very dangerous. I tried to take iron pills but they didn’t work. The only thing that works is reincorporating meat into my diet. This month I tried to go on a diet full of Soylent. The first days I was very hungry. Since I know that I need meat, I included a snack with some ham and bread, but it wasn’t enough. After a week on that diet I got extremely weak again. During two days I tried to keep going and taken iron pills but it didn’t work. I was so weak that I couldn’t be up for more than 3 hours and I had to go back to bed. I had to reincorporate meat. After two days eating only meat my energy levels were optimal again. Now I’m still drinking Soylent but I have to keep eating meat every day. Something is not working with Soylent 2.0. I’m going to try 1.5 next months, because it is made with rice and sometimes when I eat rice I can avoid meat for a while. I hate food, so my idea was to go full on Soylent, but it looks like I’ll have to wait for that. They need to work harder on nutrition. I’ll post a message next month if I see that 1.5 improves the situation.

EDITED: Oh, and thank you for explaining that the iron in meat is different, now I have a clear understanding on what is possibly going on with me. Because I talked to the doctor and he told me “maybe your body needs more energy, that’s why you have to eat meat”. Now I know why the iron pills didn’t work and only eating meat solved my problem.

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Are you sure you’re eating enough calories? Your symptoms sound like malnourishment; it’s a lot easier to track Soylent calories than it is to track normal food calories. Each Soylent 2.0 bottle is only 400 calories, and depending on your body weight and activity level you may need 2500-3500+ calories just to meet your body’s energy needs. You can use an online calculator to give yourself an idea: Calorie Calculator.

I think your doctor is right, that sounds like a calorie deficit rather than iron or any other nutrient. The average woman needs around 2300 calories a day.

Hi guys. No, it is not calorie deficiency. Not only that I was drinking between five and six bottles of Soylent plus a very succulent snack, but it also happens when I go vegetarian. I can eat tons of food, but if I don’t eat meat I get weak anyways. In fact, for the last five years I have been getting fatter. My belly is big now to the point I feel bad about it. I have been eating too much, but in those years I had three episodes of extreme weakness anyways. No matter what I eat, if I avoid meat for a while I risk to get into that state (it is not gradual, all of a sudden I can’t get out of bed anymore). I can handle it with fish and rice for a while, but at least once a week I have to eat meat. I really don’t see the connection between that problem and calories. My stomach can be full, I can keep drinking bottles of Soylent and at the same time getting weaker and weaker in just a few hours to the point I have to incorporate meat again because it is too dangerous. I’m pretty sure is something else, otherwise I could solve it by drinking another bottle, but that doesn’t work.

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Has your blood sugar been tested? Weakness can also be a symptom of unmanaged diabetes, among other things. There’s really not much we can do here but guess. Your doctor really should at least do a basic blood test if he hasn’t already to try to pin this down.

I’m not aware of anything in meat that humans need that’s not also in Soylent.

The last blood test I got was two days after one of those episodes, so everything came out normal. The reason why I couldn’t get tested during the time I was weak is that you have to get an appointment with the doctor and then the doctor gives you an appointment to take your blood, so it takes a few days and the weakness is SO bad and dangerous that I can’t wait that long. But you are right, without the proper test it is all guessing. Anyways, I wanted to mention that also for me Soylent 2.0 didn’t provide everything my body needs. I actually tried to drink more when I got weak and took iron pills, but I only got better after I ditched everything and eat meat for two days. Now I’m having one meal with meat, a snack, and drinking three or four bottles per day (my calorie requirement is 2300), and it looks fine. But it is not what I want to do.

I hope Soylent 1.5 is better. I heard that other people felt hungry when moving from 1.5 to 2.0 and that’s something that also happened to me, so maybe they missed something that was in 1.5, but I won’t be able to try it until next month.

I guess it’s confusing to me because “meat” is not a nutrient, so I’m struggling to come up with a reason for it to alleviate your symptoms whereas equivalent foods do not.

Yeah, I know. I’ve found that cow meat is better than any other meat, but some times I was able to recover eating pork meat. Before trying Soylent I was eating fish and rice, but I was putting little pieces of meat on the rice to avoid getting into trouble. I have been eating meat for most of my life (I’m 45). I think I ate meat every single day until a few years ago when I tried to move to a more healthy diet. Maybe incorporating meat throughout all my life conditioned my metabolism and now I can’t get rid of it. It’s kind of crazy, but it is the only conclusion I could come up with so far. The thing is that I didn’t expect to have the same problem with Soylent, but I did (and I hate it, because I love Soylent :smile: ).

I still think you should get your blood tested when you feel bad. I would suggest going to your doctor while you feel good, explain what is going on, and that you want to be tested while you have symptoms. Then intentionally stop eating meat to bring on your symptoms. So by the time you start getting weak you have an appointment for a blood test. Then of course after the test go have a big steak.