How much iron in Soylent 2.0 (in mg)?


Yes. I have to talk to my doctor anyways. Now that I tried Soylent I have more information about it. It is difficult when you are having a normal diet, but now I know exactly the amount of calories and nutrients I was taking, so it should be evident for the doctor that something else is going on.


I didn’t realize you didn’t know it was the lack of meat that was causing your problems until recently. Hopefully now that you know you and your doc can narrow it down.

More likely you have had an undiagnosed problem all your life and didn’t notice because you always ate meat and therefore never showed symptoms. If you and your doctor ever figure out exactly what is going on I would like to know.


@Theomanic & @macrojd - For what it’s worth, I’ve battled anemia off and on for 20 years (as verified by multiple doctors). The best supplement I’ve found is . @macrojd - I’m with you, until I found this stuff, the best source of iron for me was always red meat (burgers or steaks, but nothing else did the trick). Don’t get me wrong, I still initially crave red meat when I’m running low, but this stuff helps me gently bring my iron levels up until I’m not craving red meat.

Because it’s a liquid, instead of the typical pill, the dosage can be easily adjusted as needed.

WARNING: It tastes just like grape juice, so make sure it is not accessible to kids or pets.


Thank you SO much. This is extremely useful to me. I’m going to take this information with me when I see my doctor next month. It looks very promising. If it works, I will owe you one.


I’m a firm believer in paying it forward :wink:



I just realized I’ve been craving meat lately. For the past few weeks or so, my favourite food has become shawarma (just the meat!) …


@hasen - For me it isn’t just craving for any meat, but red meat, and more specifically high quality beef burgers and steaks. For example, I don’t crave pink slime burgers, rather I crave very freshly ground beef. And, for both burgers and steaks, the closer to rare the better.