How much is one serving of Soylent?


I have recently received my Soylent and am happy but I am very confused about what makes up one serving size. In the instructions packet it clearly says that to make one serving use one scoop with the provided scooper as well as 1.5 tbl spoons of the oil blend. But on the scooper it says that one scoop is half a meal? If someone could clarify this for me it would be much appreciated?


Ignoring the discrepancy, “one serving” has always seemed a strange concept with Soylent for me. The implication is that there is a suggested serving size - as if everyone should divide it into 3 “meals” and consume it that way. If you want 4 meals a day tough luck.

But, as far as the scoop, it was basically meant to be six scoops per day. Or two scoops Soylent for a meal. The scoop was done prior to 1.0 being available however so it’s not perfect - you may get more or less scoops per bag. Add to that that some people use a scant scoop and some people use a packed scoop and there’s a bit of variance in how many scoops are in a bag. If I was going to make it up a meal at a time using the scoop I would scoop out the whole bag the first time just to see how many scoops I have and then figure out how many scoops I need based on that. Or, you could get a cheap scale and measure it out in weight.


This thread goes on at length about this. TL;DR 2 scoops powder, 4 scoops water, 1/3 of the oil.


It is an interesting quandry, RE: serving size. Not everyone subscribes to the “3 square meals a day” theory. I personally have 4 to 6 smaller meals a day. I’ll probably blend 1 day’s worth at a time, then divide it from there or as needed/on demand.


That works best, especially since Soylent’s better after soaking for hours anyway.


I certainly find it better to break have an 8-10 oz portion, wait two hours, and then have another. If I were to go 100%, I think I’d want/need like 15% more than one day’s worth.



I think that, for me at least, the issue with that is refrigeration of the portions over the course of a day. Or travelling. I work 12 hour shifts - eat 1-2 meals at home and 3-4 at work. I’d prefer to mix each individual meal “on demand” for probably 75% of my meals. That’s not even getting into things like travelling or backpacking trips… While I doubt I’m in a majority there, I’m sure that making such an eating plan much easier to follow would be a very welcome option for many Soylent consumers. I’m sure they’ll cover that base, in due time.


Yea the writing on the spoon (top and bottom) is confusing and so is the manual. For one meal (as in, what you’d eat for lunch or dinner if you usually have 3 meals a day), mix two scoops powder with 4 scoops water and 3 tsps of oil. This is one meal. You can have three of these in a day. One pouch has 3 meals. Each of them provide about 33-40% of needed nutrients.
OR you can split up the meals into various sizes as people suggested (6 meals a day, so use one scoop powder for each of those smaller sized meals)


Assuming 3 meals a day a single serving of oil is 4 tsp. or about 20ml.