How Much Oil Per Scoop?


The starter kit shiped with a half meal scoop, one scoop of powder and one scoop of water. But how much oil should go into half a meal? Definitely not one scoop, so what measuring utensil do I need, or does the bottle of oil come with something?



1 Day / 1 Bottle Oil


A bottle of oil goes in a full day of Soylent. Which is 2ounces oil. If you are doing single serve which would be 2scoops you would use 1/3of the oil.


I thought 1 scoop was 1 meal…?


On the handle of the scoop it says 1/2 meal.


aha so it does indeed! I have only mixed entire bags at a time so had not really looked closely at the scoop. =)


How much liquid is in the oil container? I can imagine its difficult to guesstimate 1/3 or 1/6 (if you’re making a “soylent snack” meal) of an oil bottle, it would be nice to know precise amounts so we can use tablespoon/teaspoon measurements!


…there was an exact answer to this somewhere, and I think it was even Julio who posted it, but I cannot remember which thread it was… I’ll look around and edit it into this post if I can find it =/

Edit: Got it!

I don’t think this was the same thread I saw the answer in, but it’s the same message. Somewhere else it’s mentioned that 3tsp does not exactly use up all of the oil over three meals, and Julio replied that the 3tsp number is largely for ease of measuring - in other words, it’s close enough that you can just put in “the rest” for your last mix and it will only be a small difference.

So, summary answer for the thread itself, one scoop ≈ 1.5 tsp oil


Just to add to what has already been said: 1.5 tsp measuring spoons do exist. For instance this set has one:


Yes, 1.5 tsp measuring spoons do exist. Usually they’re labeled 1/2 tablespoon though! You don’t need some fancy oddball set of measuring spoons.


Thanks everyone! I think I already have measuring spoons that will work, but will have to check when I get home.


I wonder why they chose to use 1.5tsp and not .5Tblsp in their instructions? @JulioMiles


in fact, 1.5 tsp is half of one meal, so 1Tbsp makes even more sense as a “meal” quantity. I’d guess that it’s probably just an artifact of unit conversion and math, not anything meaningful.


The instructions are these: 1scoop Soylent+1scoop water+1.5teaspoons oil = 1/2 serving or 285 calories. So that would be about 8 ounces. For breakfast I usually go with a 16 ounce serving then sip throughout the day.


This is perfect!!! I’m a girl so my calorie count is a little lower than the recommended 2K, and I plan on eating regular food for lunch, so I wanted smaller measurements so I could make Soylent in 600-1000 calorie bunches. That’s exactly what I wanted to know.


Where are you getting 285 calories? The place I’m looking says that 1 scoop Soylent + 1 scoop water + 1.5 teaspoons oil is 335 calories.


That would be on the new website as well as on the information that ships with Soylent ™