How much physical space does Soylent take up?


There’s a lot of information about traveling with Soylent, but surprisingly I couldn’t find any information about how much Soylent you could potentially travel with. Obviously that depends on how much room you have in your suitcase. If someone could tell us how much volume, say, a day’s worth takes up so I can calculate the rest, that would be awesome. Thanks!


For my version of soylent, 2000 calories can be split into 3 1 cup containers. If you premixed the oil, it’d actually decrease the volume a bit. 4 cups is a reasonable upper bound, I’d think.


OK, so if you figure a large piece of luggage is usually around 8000 cubic inches, that’s 130 liters. 4 cups is roughly about 1 liter, so you could probably fit about 130 days worth of Soylent in a large piece of luggage. That’s pretty decent.


The powder and oil also comes out to roughly a pound a day. Definitely not good for carry-on. The TSA will eat better than ever before once they start confiscating luggage with 4+ months of food.


Oh wow, it weighs that much? I guess I didn’t factor in how dense it is. Oh well, I guess if I could even bring just a month or two’s worth that would probably be enough.


Each daily pouch is roughly 11x7x3" and 500g. The shipping dimensions of a week’s supply of Soylent are 21x7x10" and the weight is 7 lbs.

Soylent Canada Shipping update?

So 1 lb is about right - the volume of official soylent is larger than my diy soylent (or at least the packaging.)

The 100 days worth in a large duffel still sounds like a legitimate ballpark.


It would most likely have to be several duffel bags. 100 days of Soylent, at 500g per bag, is 110 lbs. And volume wise, you’re looking at about 23,000 cubic inches, which is well beyond the capacity of a large duffel bag. The biggest bag I could find on REI’s website was about 11,000 cu in.


Or you could ship it ahead