How much salt to add?

Recently I have been trying to go 90%+ Soylent. When I do this I crave salt (ramen, chips, straight soy sauce) and get headaches. I’m overweight and not very active; losing weight on 2000 cal a day (about a 1k cal deficit)

Can any of you 90%+ Soylent users recommend how much salt to add to a full days’ pitcher?
I am speaking of (iodine free) table salt. 1/4 teaspoon, teaspoon, tablespoon?
Would it hurt me to add a tablespoon every day? (this makes it salty, but filling)
Should I just not add a lot of salt and eventually get used to it?

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I wasn’t going to respond because I didn’t think it was an answer you were looking for, but then I got to the last line.

I got headaches in the beginning and I read many posts on here saying to add salt, but for whatever reason (it’s been so long I don’t remember) I never added salt, and eventually got used to it. I’ll still occasionally get headaches though, but it’s usually because I only had 1200 cal of Soylent and nothing else that day.

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I never added salt, for years, and never had an adverse reaction. I jog a few miles on most days, which some people might claim means I need more salt, but I don’t seem to.

However, current health information seems to me to indicate that some extra salt wouldn’t hurt. I don’t know the amount.

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I’ve been doing Soylent 100% for 12 weeks. I don’t add salt, I don’t crave salt, and I don’t get the symptoms usually associated with sodium deficiency (cramps, headaches, etc.). Even if you were to find a recommendation for a “typical” adult’s need for sodium, I doubt if it would be very meaningful for an overweight person who is on a calorie deficit diet. I suggest adding a small amount, seeing if it helps with cravings and headaches, and adding slightly more until you find the amount that works for you. There is not really much chance that such a small amount added to your Soylent is going to harm you, especially when compared to what you would likely be getting had you maintained your previous diet.

Thanks for the replies.
It’s interesting that no one here so far adds salt. I was under the impression from reading elsewhere that soylent did not contain enough salt, especially if you were to sweat at all during the day.

I will go without, and see if I get used to it in a few days.
I’m one of those people who eats fast food every single day for lunch, so it’s probably just withdrawals.

If you’re getting headaches, that’s not a good sign. I would try adding salt, but I can’t say how much. Also make sure you’re drinking enough water - that’s another possible cause of headaches when switching to Soylent.


Adding salt is mostly helpful to avoid headaches if you are transitioning from a high-salt diet, and only for that transition period (a few days?). I’d probably add about a max of 1/2 tsp to a 2000-calorie pitcher and maybe a light pinch to a Soylent 2.0 bottle. A tablespoon of salt sounds like way too much.

Soylent 1.8 has 320 mg of sodium per serving; that’s 1600 mg per 2000 calories (2/3rds of the DV, which is phrased as “less than 2400 mg” per day). One table spoon of table salt has 6976 mg of sodium. If you feel like you need that much salt for whatever reason, I’d start there and try moving down each day until you are adding a minimal amount (or even none).

To bump the 1600 mg of sodium in a bag of Soylent 1.8 up to 2400 mg (DV), you’d want to add about 1/3 tsp of table salt per bag, which is about 2375 mg total sodium. 1/2 or 1/4 tsp also seem like reasonable values, giving you about 2763 mg or 2181 mg total sodium.