How much Soylent are they selling per week?

Does anyone know? I’m wondering at what point I should sell my Whole Foods stock. It’s my favorite stock and I have high hopes for it but if Soylent keeps growing and growing, at some point grocery stores WILL be affected. Any guesses on when that would be?

I would assume people who visit Whole Foods (or other natural, whole-food stores) will be some of the least affected by soylent, at least in the near term. (In their mind, natural is equated with health, and most see soylent as unnatural.) I would assume “normal” grocery stores (Kroger, Walmart, etc.) would be the ones that would be in greater danger.

In either case, its going to be a long while (if ever) before you see stock prices of major chains affected by soylent.


First, if Soylent is really successful, the first thing that will happen is the assault of the imitators. Maybe we’ll read about Rosa Labs being bought out by Whole Foods. Who knows how easy or difficult it will be for Soylent to stay ahead of the pack. Capitalism adjusts to changing circumstances. I don’t think we’ll see a collapse of the existing order.

I’ll go ahead and call it: Whole Foods will never buy Rosa Labs. If I’m wrong, I’ll eat my hat.

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Lol, I tend to agree. Haha. But I could see GNC or some other supplement company buying them out.

I could too. In fact, I could see GNC being the natural in-store distributor if Soylent ever goes retail. They’re used to dealing with expensive powders and they’re everywhere.


The problem with GNC, or any other company that buys them out, is the price will go up. Maybe RL is in it for the long haul, solo. I’m down with that.

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more than 1

Maybe we’ll read about Rosa Labs being bought out by Whole Foods.

It’ll be a cold day in Hell before Horowitz allows that kind of nonsense.


Did some math on this here:

Long story short, your whole foods stock has nothing to worry about for a long time.

Further, it’s not whole foods who should be worried about soylents but rather General Mills.

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It was a while back but I feel compelled to correct this anyways: Horowitz did not invest in Facebook. From the social media (facade) this is likely intertwined with, any Horowitz publication is lead to randomized research. Andresseen Horowist tends to take more coverage. Then again, is coverage the same as validity? Let the plebes add it up. I think for now, modern day “tense”, biotech forefronts are no small thing.