How much Soylent do you consume per meal?


My first order of Soylent has just shipped and I’m very excited. I initially placed a small order of 7 bags for an estimated 21 meals. I want to start a subscription now so I don’t run out, but I’m not sure how long this order will last. I’m 6.0" tall, weigh around 150lbs, and don’t have a very aggressive appetite.

I’m curious to learn of everyone else’s experiences. How much Soylent do you consume per meal? Does one bag last you more or less than 3 meals?


I use 1/4 pitcher per meal, approximately 1500 calories per day.
I’ve tried to divide a pitcher into 5 meals, but find I am hungry when I do that.


I just drink as much as I feel like at any given moment. Sometimes that’s 6oz real quick. Other times it’s 20oz over maybe 30 to 60 minutes. Some people do better with structured servings at set intervals, but that doesn’t fit my lifestyle real well so I just have it whenever I feel like it.


I’ve seemed to settle on 12oz most of the time, and drink or over 5-20 minutes.

You’re going to get a large variety of answers, it’s pretty individual, no real consensus out there.


I tend to eat/drink pretty quickly in general which can cause some issues with Soylent when I consume 700 calories in less than two minutes, so for a “meal” I’ll consume a total of maybe 12-18oz split into 4-6oz servings. I get a small cup and fill it several times from my thermos, filling it with drinking water between refills to make sure I pace myself and stay hydrated.

EDIT: Literally “rinse, repeat” - I’m so clever.


I’m similar to vanclute. I just drink as much as it takes to feel satisfied. This has been slowly decreasing my portion sizes down from a full blender bottle’s with, to the point where half the bottle makes me feel full.

Just listen to your body, and you should be fine. Everybody is different.


Usually, I drink 1-liter in the morning before I bike to work and 1-liter for lunch(*), then I eat a traditional meal for dinner. Sometimes, I eat a traditional lunch and drink the second liter in the evening.

On the weekends, I drink 1-liter Saturday morning and the second liter on Sunday morning. I eat traditional food for my other weekend meals (grill out, etc.).

(*) Normally, I spread out the liter I drink for lunch, drinking about 600 ml at lunch-time and the other 400 ml around 3-4 pm, just before I bike home.


My whole conception of a “meal” has changed since starting on ~50% Schmoylent.
I tend to pour a large glass from the mixer bottle and keep it in the fridge next to the mixer bottle and sip from that whenever I feel like it… So my “meals” turn out to be ~100-300kcal every 20-120 minutes.

This however has caused problems for my muggle meals as I can no longer consume as much in one sitting as I used to. This has led to an entirely new concept for me: leftovers. Now if I have one of my favorite muggle meals at a restaurant I end up taking about half of it home for consumption later rather than stuffing myself in one seating.


And that means you’re getting two meals for the price of one too! Another way that adding Soylent to your life, actually decreases your overall food costs further. :slight_smile:


I mix a pouch to about 2L. I’ll generally have 3x500mL meals + 2x250mL “snacks”, generally spread apart by 2½ to 4 hours. I’m rarely hungry that way, and it’s about how I eat normal food, too.


From a marketing perspective, the easiest way to identify the public’s preference is to offer 2 versions.

One with sweetener, one without.

My preference is with.


I fill the pitcher with half a bag then fill with water. It takes me all day to finish it and I am 6’1" weighing 270 lbs.