How much Soylent for a 16oz bottle of water?


How much Soylent and how much fish oil should I measure out and use per 16oz bottle of water?

I am going to PAX this weekend and am planning to carry around a small horde of bottled water each day and a couple packs of Soylent. Some for myself and some for random people I encounter who want to try out Soylent. I want to make sure I get the mixture correct.

It looks like I need to break up the bag of Soylent Powder and Fish oil into 5 portions so that I can mix it in water bottles and have enough room to shake it up.

The problem is I do not know the volume of a Soylent bag and Fish Oil tube (and am at work right now so can’t measure at home).


Normally I mix 1.6L of water with a pouch of Soylent to get to 2L finished product.

So I would guess you would want to add 1.6/5L or about .32L which is about 10oz of water. So mix 1/5 bag of Soylent with about 10-11oz of water to get the right mix.

I’m not sure exactly how much oil is in the bottle.


How much is 1/5th of a Soylent bag? Does anyone know?

I remember the scoop that came with my starter kit, but it didn’t have any measuring labels on it.

I am wondering if I should be bringing with something around a 1/3rd cup scoop, 1/2 cup, etc…

The oil I can probably get by easily by just eyeballing, so not too worried about that.


There are about 6 scoops of Soylent per pouch (depending on settling, etc).

1 scoop Soylent, 2 scoops water, 1.5 teaspoons oil, (total of ~14 oz) is the recommended ratio, but you can play around depending on how thick/thin you like it.


Thanks @juliomiles How big is the scoop? I lost mine.


IIRC the scoop is 135ml, which would be .57 cups. That’s almost 7 half cup scoops of power per bag.

Are you mixing in a 16oz container, or adding the powder and 16oz of water to a larger container? If your using a 16oz container a tad over 2/3 of a cup should work well. If you’re using 16oz of water, a tad over 1 cup of powder should work well.