How much soylent should I consume per day?



I don’t mean for this to come off as dumb but how much soylent per day?

I mean I see all the DIY recipes but they just say “mix up your daily amount” or “mix some with water” or "add your powder to 2-3l of water.

Another says “mix all the dry ingredients together and oil last”, then nothing else.

So I can get all the ingredients together but I am lost on how much to consume and with how much water per day. Can anyone point me in the write direction?



The recipe should tell you how much of each ingredient to use per day/meal. How much water to add is really just personal preference. I have about 400ml water in each meal. I find that any more and it’s too hard to finish it all.

3 litres of water per day sounds massive - I wouldn’t be adding that much. You’ll obviously be drinking water throughout the day so you don’t need your entirely daily water intake in soylent.


I think I might get it, so where it says how many Grams of each item, that must be how much of each per day.

Thanks, I knew it was easy but just slipping my mind.


(Useful question, but it’s helpful for the readers if you put it into the title - it’s clear to us that you can’t seem to find the answer to something, because you’re asking it here, but if your title had been “How much soylent per day?”, it would have saved lots of people a second of reading time.)
Yep, although the key is really “drink as much as makes you full, but not more”. The recipes give guidelines; everyone’s a little different.