How much Vitamin C do you take?


I currently take about 250mg per day: 60mg in the morning, 180mg eight hours later.

Is that ideal?


It sounds like you are oversuplementing vitamin C… it doesn’t really have any negative effect, but doesn’t have any positive either.


I’ll keep at it then since I can’t fully count on getting that extra 30mg from foods.

The 180mg ones(effervescent with high absorption) cost less than a dollar for a month anyway.

Btw, the recommendations vary depending on the source. 90mg for adults is one of the more conservative ones.


Just be mindful of the enamel on your teeth: Are vitamin C supplements bad for your teeth?

Pills don’t pose the same risk as effervescent tablets and chewables.


I haven’t taken vitamin c for years and I don’t recall having had a cold for years either.


As my doctor sometimes say “not too much, but not too little” :slight_smile: Though I have another problem, sometimes I can forget to drink water, though I saw a lot of scary (-ish) articles about how bad it is at this Internet page and I KNOW that person needs to drink a lot during the day, but sometimes I just don’t want to! And then it changes to the period when I’m thirsty almost all the time! Is that weird?


They also have 30% absorption rate, while effervescent have almost 100%.


I work around the public daily (salesman…not in front of a computer terminal) and so I typically take 1 packet.of emergen-c daily


I just want to point out that you working as a salesman and taking vitamin C makes no difference. Vitamin C doesn’t protect you against disease or rather… super doses don’t add any additional benefit. As long as you are not deficient already. (The science behind it is pretty clear). Zinc on the other hand can shorten the duration of the common cold if taken early enough after you caught it. (But not by much)


This SciShow episode seems timely and relevant:


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