How much water do you drink with Soylent?


So, I was wondering, in how much water do you dissolve Soylent, and do you drink any more water besides that? How much in total?
I remember reading about people with stomach bypasses needing a lot more water than normal because food is mostly water, and I’m a bit worried with kidney damage specially if the minerals are taken in carbonate form (kidney sotes anyone?).
Is anyone (including @rob) doing urine tests?


A gallon a day. Ouch! It’s a lot to evacuate.
I wonder how many times do you go to the toilets a day?

And i think it’s more efficient to solve hunger, to make a less-water need soylent (My 2 cents).


So how much of the powder do you need per day ? I mean I don’t drink much water of a day… I can’t see myself drinking more than a litre a day, unless it actually tastes that good. I’m super intrigued to try some though!!


FDA recommends a minimum of 1,5 litre water a day


2.5 liters a day, including water gained from food. That’s the medical average.