How much water is there in a single serving of Soylent?


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This is something I’ve seen elsewhere. Does this mean that I’ll drink 2/3L of water per meal? Terri Schiavo anyone?


Depends on how big and often your meals are, doesn’t it?

With my own formula, my rate of digestion and the pain hunger causes I have Soylent (550g per day) 5 times a day, with 200-220ml of water each. This makes it pretty liquid - you can easily drink it at the same speed as milk.

Not sure what’s so different about the official Soylent that makes them recommend 2-3 litres.
Could be that they use a very “sticky” brand of whey, or they might just want to make sure that people “sipping it all day” still get enough water.

To me though, it sounds like too much.


It’s way too much. @Julio_Miles - drinking up to 21L of water a day is downright insane. Are these figures correct?


I’ll answer that too, because here you definitely got something wrong.

With 500g, which is to be mixed with 2-3 litres of water, he MUST have meant the daily serving.

“a week’s supply is 7x daily servings (500g powder to be mixed with 2-3L water)”


“a week’s supply is 7 daily servings of 500g each, and each of these daily servings should be mixed with 2-3L water”


I understand. The other option was obviously too silly.


that’s correct – the 2-3L is for the entire day.


Using 120g of rolled oats (powdered before mixing) and adding water to a total volume of 1.5lt it gets to thick to really drink. 2-3lt seems right in that case.


They have powdered fat/oil, whatever that is^^


Drinking 2-3 liters is no problem for healthy kidneys. Your body will absorb what it needs and pee the rest out


In one go? I’d think twice before doing that.


2L of water per day is really tolerable for most people. This should be easy to adjust to. Years ago I drink 2L along with “27” pills per day for a weight loss program. It worked great; however it got EXTREMELY expensive to conitnue. I lost 80lbs in 8 months, felt great, looked great. Since I couldn’t keep going with the program because of cost … you guessed it… I gained the weight back. Now I’m losing weight very slowly with Tai Chi QiGong; but am seriously thinking about trying this program as a supplement. Good luck to all those who attempt any weight loss program. This may not be touted as a weight loss program along; but if it has all the necessary components to satisfy the daily requirements and it fullfills that criteria, then it has to assist in weight loss. Again, good luck to all.


I add 500ml of water to my recipe.


That would be per day.


Yes 500ml per day. And of course I also drink extra water throughout the day.


Okay so I watered it down a lot and that definitely helps.