How much water to mix into diy soylent


This may be a stupid question but I cant find the answer anywhere. I’m about to get my ingredients for my diy soylent but I don’t know how much water to mix in! Please help!


Whatever amount makes it most palatable to you. You’re going to be drinking extra water on the side.


How much do you use?


I personally mix my daily batch with ~1.5 quarts of water, to make a finished mix of a little under 2 quarts. This seems to be the most popular ratio, but don’t be afraid to play around with the amount of water you use, you may find you like it a little thicker or thinner than most folks.

Most people will also need to drink extra water separate from their soylent, 1.5 quarts is insufficient for most people, so be vigilant not to allow yourself to become dehydrated.


I personally add ~3 cups of water per meal. I start with 1 cup and then add the powder (it makes it a lot easier to mix this way) and then add two more cups. I like mine very thing though so it’s mostly preference.


My recipe is just over 3 cups of powder + 1 quart milk, which makes about 6 cups. I usually add about 1-2 more cups of water.


Does your DIY recipe have how much water is used in the notes tab at the top?


The for all the replies everyone! I really appreciate it! I looked in the notes it doesn’t, its people fuel for reference.