How much water?


So, I see the Starter Kit is awesome, I want to make a Pitcher of Soylent for my day, and just take sips throughout the day, so the question I have is.

What is the recommended amount of water in the Official Soylent for the best Texture and Flavor? (1 full day in a pitcher)


About 1 L of water. That’s mixed with an almost equal volume of powder contained in a day’s packet. You’ll end up with 2 L of Soylent.


So, 1 part Soylent, 1 part water? Where did you get this information?



It appears on the measuring scoop, IIRC, that you should use 1 part Soylent to 1 part water.


Well… this is embarrassing…

I haven’t received my starter kit yet cough

If someone could close this, I’d be grateful >_>


We designed Soylent so that you just add the contents of the pouch to the pitcher and fill it with water. Add the oil blend, seal it, and shake. That’s all you need to do!

Ratio of Soylent to water: conflicting instructions

This has probably been addressed before, but I presume that one still needs to drink additional water each day, not just the 1 liter mixed into Soylent? Probably an additional liter or two, am I correct?


this will probably answer your question: