How nutritionally sound is MANA?


It’s like some kind of Soylent clone that ships to Europe, I found out about it yesterday:

The similarity between the two websites is striking to say the least!

Anyone with good knowledge can recommend this? (or not recommend it)


There have been concerns about the ‘retinol’ form of Vitamin A. Beta carotene is said to be better. Also, it doesnt give any RDI chart.


Well, as for the taste, Mana is quite sweet, I mean, quite a lot. Apart from that, the consistency and flavour was pretty nice, it made me feel full and I had no other problems with it.

Though Jakub Krejcik (cofounder) informed us that they are just finishing a new version which will be less sweet.

Here’s our breakdown of all the commercially available alternatives, including Mana: part 1 and part 2, and we’re working on part 3 right now.


He needs to switch retinol with beta-carotene. Also can you post me a link about its RDI values if you happen to have it?

Edit: never mind. Its mentioned but only in quantities not percentages.

Also, manganese is too high. No omega-3 at all. Lot of gluten (but this is allright if he isnt aiming to sell it as a gluten free product).

What is his carb and oil source? I am not interested in replicating it, just want to offer suggestions.


Here’s the nutritional info (page 2 is in English)

Additional info can be found on their blog (some posts are in English) (it has autoloader at the bottom)


The page of nutritional info you linked to says it has omega 3. And manganese also seems to have been reduced. Nice. Seems like its the newer version. But it still needs to come down a little bit more in the next version. .

Now all that is remaining is switching magnesium oxide to magnesium gluconate and fixing vit A. I am assuming arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury levels are the same compared to earlier versions…meaning they didnt increase.

Some other nutrients are a bit higher, i hope their values will be normalised in subsequent versions.


Do they say if they ship to the USA?


I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t seem to make heads or tails of the listed amounts.


Man. ‘Mana’ is a WAY more marketable name than ‘Soylent.’ Every time I try to talk to people about Soylent, the conversation begins with me back-peddling away from the name.

“No no, I assure you, it’s neither people nor predominantly soy product.”


Thank you for review, by now we are much far. This week iam sending you our current production version of MANA. Sorry for delay, we are over loaded.


Hi Tark, thank you for a review, as far as manganese, thats very tricky particle, because oat, soy, rice and almost all plants in this category are high on manganese. We have been lab testing more then 30 suppliers to find the best one and to bring it to current level.

By now we are on 5mg and 11mg is a max EU level. Do not know US one. At the bottom line, we are adding very little (less then 10%) in vit. and min. premix. And most of them not at all.


Hi, No we are not. We are shipping to EU only by now. We have to check first what needs to be done by legal side of the thing, such as US nutrition facts label etc… We are focusing on EU now.


No worries, thanks for letting us know and for the samples of course!


Doesn’t matter much since Soylent already sells faster than it can ship.


By this if you mean you are adding extra manganese than what is found in oats, rice etc then i would like to suggest that you dont.


True enough, and I haven’t been entirely unsuccessful myself. Many are watching me to see if my teeth fall out in the first year, before they jump on board.


We do not. Manganese is not listed in our premix.


MANA English blog here with latest blog post!


I love Prague, so it’s nice to know that, in my fantasy alternate world where I moved there, MANA would be available.


Best time of year for Prague is August. Stay in Prague and attend Brutal Assault. \m/ \m/