How often do you eat soylent?


I have a 28 day subscription. Although even after eating soylent for a month now I can’t seem to go more than a couple days without wanting real food.

If they offered 21 day subscription that would probably be exactly enough for me.

Question to those who eat soylent exclusively, do you ever crave food?


I eat regular food on the weekends when I go out with friends.

You could set up two subscriptions. One for 2 weeks and another for 1 week.


It wouldn’t cost the same per bag, but I think I might just do it so I don’t have to think about delaying my full month subscription later. I just can’t give up leisure food :smile:

1+2 week subscription would cost 200 which costs ~$9.53 per bag

4 weeks is ~$9.11


Or pause your subscription every 3 months for a month.


Yes, usually Soylent. :stuck_out_tongue: but aside from that, I crave normal foods every so often. Augmenting a specific vitamin/mineral tends to allay the craving, though.


I used to eat it every day, but no not at all because they are happy to take my money but they wont send me any.


I don’t crave food other than Soylent, though I do occasionally eat a little bit of other food, usually for social reasons. The amount of non-Soylent food I consume probably wouldn’t keep a medium sized hamster alive.

I drink a 10 ounce glass of it every couple hours throughout the day.


Maybe it’s just me but I crave the occasional snack. I feel like it’s become an issue because I eat a day’s worth of Soylent plus a bunch of snacks like potato chips, chicken nuggets, fruit roll ups etc. Additionally every couple days I’ll have an actual meal because I miss food.

I’ve been really skinny my whole life and I can visibly see my gut getting larger ever since I started on Soylent.


What’s been working for me, is to just be more mindful of the snacks. If you try to limit your snacks to only ones which seem to “hit the spot”, you might find yourself snacking less.


Have you considered drinking 200ml less Soylent to account for your snacking?


@locness, Lesser salt than we are used to, could lead to salt cravings and that could be partly responsible for snacking on esp things like potato chips. Trying adding some salt (1/4 tsp) to a day’s worth. Salt in it is below the recommended levels anyway. This will also help with your cravings to some extent.


Exactly correct. I have found that when I forget to add salt I get cravings for salty snacks.

I’m almost exclusively Soylent but once or twice a week I’ll usually be in a social setting where it would be weird if I didn’t eat.


Before I started on Soylent I thought I’d be only eat in social settings or if I really had a craving, didn’t think I’d be craving stuff every day. I will try adding salt and see if it makes a difference. Although at that point…it could just be placebo. W/e works though.


I usually eat soylent during the day time (about a days supply) and then I have a regular dinner (losing weight now I am 6’5’’), I go out for lunch with my coworkers once a week as well. Its quite interesting I find that some days I am unable to finish the soylent I bring to work and other days I am starving after finishing all of it, It is pretty neat to see my own caloric variance)


Now that I’ve figured out a good way of quickly making a single serving, I’m trying to develop the habit of connecting the “I’m hungry” feeling with making some Soylent instead of hunting for any old meal. So far, that seems to be once or twice a day.

Of course, if I have a particular yen for a meal or want to go out, I do that.

Problem is that I’m finding my skirt waistbands getting tighter and so I need to control simple impulse eating.



Has anyone else noticed a weight gain since starting on Soylent?

I suspect its because I consistently have “breakfast” now. Before sometimes I run out the door and don’t eat till lunch.

I’ve started diluting my soylent with ice coffee mid day instead of snacking.


I was going to suggest thinning it out with a bit more water, but looks like you’re already doing that with the iced coffee :blush:


I don’t eat it exclusively. I found I can’t really do it.

It is my snack food, and for that it’s WONDERFUL. Pretty even blood sugar, and if it doesn’t satisfy me, I can have a little more. It doesn’t affect my alertness like other snacks do.


Some have, though most don’t. Are you 100%?


Depends on the day. I probably 90%