How other kickstarters handle delays


I live the idea of kickstarter and back projects fairly frequently. With all of the delays that Soylent an other kickstarters have had I wanted to show how some people choose to handle it

Like Soylent, this kickstarter for an NFC ring has run into issues with manufacturers and suppliers as well as components not meeting their quality demands.

Unlike soylent they have decided to begin production, send backers a ring other than what they backed, and give them a voucher to get the item the requested for free

Backers that ordered a ring with a carbon fiber inlay cover will be shipped a non carbon fiber ring as part of phase 2 and you will get a voucher for a free carbon fiber ring when they are available.

And from the bottom of that update

We also invite you to vent any anger and frustration there, we’d do the same, the hope is that by going through both trials and tribulations together we’re stronger as a community.

Finally we’d like to apologize for this change and the delays, it’s been a brutal few months wrestling with this carbon fiber issue and we really do appreciate your patience on it. We listen when you tell us you want the ring in your hands, you wanted in your hands four months ago and so did we.

It’s nice to see a different approach to dealing with constant delays and backer satisfaction.


Well, imagine how the non americans are feeling… our delay is even worse :smiley:


I dont think much of it. I am currently backing soylent, Pressy, Halo band, and Fin.

And all but the last one are behind schedule. And I expect the last one to be behind schedule as well. I backed two other projects that were wayyyyy behind schedule. Liked both products. But one ended up being not what I originally ordered but since so many people whined about it being late they went ahead and shipped it. The thing is scratched all to hell because the manufactures ran the wrong process on the metal. Now I have to wait till ALLLLL the other wallets have shipped before I can possibly get a new one sent to me. Instead of waiting a few more weeks to ship they decided to silence the whiners and ship out an inferior product. Now those same whiners are whining again because they didn’t get exactly what they ordered. Even though it was their own fault. They even whined about the freebie. The guy couldnt get the original freebie so he was going to ship another freebie in its place AND give a coupon to order the other freebie when it was ready. And they bitched and moaned. Which helped to delay it in the first place.


I backed the Almond+ router on Kickstarter. Their projected ship date was last September. It’s still not shipped. However, they’ve done so many improvements to it, that I’m really looking forward to the final, perfected product. They actually had to do a feature freeze on it from so many improvements they did.
I’m happy to wait, because the router will be awesome.


I’ve backed NFC Ring too. Their communication is awesome.

I love how they send regular updates of the manufacturing process, the problems they encounter, the solution they’re trying to put in place. It makes me definitely more inclined to wait while they solve the issues.

Sometimes it even feels like the updates are too frequent, but I feel it’s better to have too much information than not enough.