How quickly will 2.0 freeze?

Just curious.

I just ordered 12 bottles of 2.0 to try out. I’ve been a subscriber of the powdered versions since the beginning.
I never had to worry about it with the powdered delivery, but with 2.0 do I need to worry about my shipment sitting on my front porch all day long (7 hours) when it is about 20F outside.

Anyone in cold conditions that uses 2.0 have any problems or concerns about this?


At 20 °F I imagine it would take a long time to freeze completely, and the multiple layers of boxes should provide some insulation to further slow things down. You could perform an experiment with water standing in for Soylent, if you’re really worried about the possibility. Personally, I wouldn’t, and it’s been like -15 °F here recently.

It depends on how cold it is in the delivery truck.

But, there’s no issue with it freezing. You can eat it frozen, or let it thaw, or whatever.

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Well, I’ll find out when I get home tonight.

It’s been ‘On FedEx vehicle for delivery’ since 7am this morning.

Good to know it should be fine when thawed.

I accidentally received 48 bottles of 2.0. 12 is more carryable than 48.


I’m happy to report that they were not frozen when I got home about 6pm.
When I shook one of the bottles it sounded like liquid so I don’t even think it started to get slushy.

I put them in the fridge as soon as I opened the box and then pulled one out just now to try it.

My first impression was that it tastes like the white part of an Oreo cookie (but not as sweet)

I think I’ll have to be careful not to drink it too fast.


My concern is, if it freezes, will the bottles burst?

Nope, the bottles seem to be very low pressured (why they are all dented). Mine didn’t feel pressurized at all when frozen.